Monthly Archives: December 2012

December’s Daily Discard 30/31

It seems like my “quick’ projects are never “quick.”  I guess because it is not so easy to discard “just one thing” like it was in the beginning. Today  I finished cleaning and clearing my sons’ room plus my spare room.  I pulled everything out from under the beds, futons, book shelves and 2 closets. 

December’s Daily Discard 29/31

“Official” garbage day tomorrow, so I wanted to get any large amounts of perceivable junk out the door so the cans can once again go to the curb. I had forgotten about the top shelves in my kitchen as it is too high to reach without a stool.  I pulled out the stepladder so I

December’s Daily Discard 28/31

OMG! That’s all I can say.  Another “quick’ project—my oldest son’s desk which is a combo bed/desk/drawers.  I hauled out 6 HUGE bags of garbage and 2 huge bags of “give-aways”.  I thought a quick project and then on to the next evening activity. Was I ever incorrect on that one! 2 hours later… Here’s

December’s Daily Discard 27/31

I had to call the garbage company today.  I just can’t wait until Friday morning for the trash to be picked up.  Too much junk in my garage. I need it out!  They are making an extra trip tomorrow, but it will be worth it to get this stuff out of my house.  Talk about

December’s Daily Discard 26/31

I kind of told you yesterday what today’s project was going to be.  The couch in the den and what was underneath it.  It actually is a “sectional”—it seats about 8 people, so it is pretty good size.  There are 4 pieces to it in total. Each piece had to be pulled away from the

December’s Daily Discard 25/31

After I got my dinner this morning I told Stewart that we needed to clean out the air hose in the back of the dryer.  I have heard of these getting plugged up and starting house fires so I check mine every few years. I started without him, pulling and tugging to get the dryer