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The State Of Our World

You must watch the video posted here. It is an absolute statement of what this planet has become: Let me know your thoughts. But, please do not more

UK, EU and NWO

Here are videos from my friend and fellow researcher, Sandra Barr in Ireland: Jo Cox: The Sacrificial Lamb: Part 1 Jo Cox: The Sacrificial Lamb: Part 2 There will be a Part 3 to follow soon. Let me know yourread more

Being A Father

When I was a teenager, I wondered if I would be a father some day. When I looked in the mirror, I would think–who would want to marry me? I did not like the way I looked or acted. Of course, I was also experiencing the Montauk Project and abductions at least a couple of

I Had Beer in A Gestapo Cafe & Dinner In Hitler’s Restaurant

Finally got home last night from Europe. Next time I say I am traveling for 22 days, somebody stop me! Every year it seems to get worse and worse. I say I don’t want to go anywhere, and then I travel for longer than ever before! I need a private jet and entourage. I would

Sexual Healing

It is warm now in the Northern Hemisphere and cool in the Southern Hemisphere. Both are conducive to “extracurricular activities”.  However, we need to use this energy in a proper manner. Otherwise, this powerful frequency can be usurped. Many readers have emailed and called about their issues. Almost in all cases, sexual problems are discussed.

June Is Here!

June 2016 is a frequency of communication and ending cycles. It is a double frequency. The power colors are ice blue and clear! Use them daily. But, the organ that really communicates with the world the most–is your skin! Since this is the first frost-free month of the year here in Michigan, we think about

Sex & Allergies

This is the time of year when people in the Northern Hemisphere begin to get allergies from all of the pollen floating around the air. Because of the relatively mild Winter, warm Spring and heavy rains and winds, the pollen this year has been quite high and many sensitive people are feeling it earlier than

May Health

The big concern at the moment and probably for a little while is the artificial Zika virus spread by mosquitoes. However, with a healthy mind-pattern, one need not be afraid of catching this vileness from a vial! Of course, they will always come up with artificial health scares to force you into vaccinations or meds. 

Time Distortions

Have you been getting out of synch with timing? Do you think it is a certain day when it is really a day ahead or earlier? It has been a weird couple of days with timing sequences and perspectives getting distorted. What is going on? For the last few weeks, I was absolutely positive that

A Crazy Poem/Song For Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day in the USA and a few other countries. As I have said in this work I do with clients–if it’s not one thing, it’s your mother. :)  We all have issues from the one that birthed us. It’s what we are here to work out. Many years ago, there was a

One Of Those Days…

I am sure that all of you have had one of those days where everything and everyone seems annoying to you. Well, as you well know, I seem to have more of those days then not! :)  Of course, I attract it to myself, as we all do. I need to examine this more closely

May Or Mayhem?

Hard to believe that a third of the year has passed! It truly went by like a blink of an eye, though so much has happened. last month was an “everything” time, so you should have had a lot of choices to make and many situations/ opportunities presenting themselves to you. In May 2016, we

Sometimes You Have To Take Matters Into Your Own Hands……

I just returned from another visit to my kids and grandkids on Long Island. Luckily, I was able to leave before all the snow came to Michigan. Yes, even in April it is like Winter here.  I went for the birthdays of 2 of my grandchildren. I love to watch them get presents and eat

History Repeats Itself

Especially when we do not learn and understand a lesson, we repeat it! I see this happening in modern times in a different way then it did in ancient times. Yet, the result is the same–slavery, imprisonment and feelings of restrictions and despair. This month the Jewish people of the world celebrate the holiday of

April Sexual Triggers

When Springtime comes to the Northern Hemisphere, the animals prepare to mate and create new life. The warmer weather invokes sexual feelings in many people. It is important to understand this and not go to what Janet calls the “animal mind”. On the news media this past month, there have been a string of stories

April Surprises

The month of April 2016 is the energy of an “everything month”. That means that anything and everything can and will occur. It also means that for each of you, there can be many opportunities, choices and decisions to make very rapidly this month. Remember to always ground and balance before you make your choices.

Easter Releaser

It is another “Holy” holiday weekend. The bombings in Belgium were a ritual sacrifice for this Christian/ Pagan time period. I have written a few times about how all of the holidays are based on Reptilian astral beliefs. We can trace the lineage of Easter to the Sumerian Ishtar and the ancient Hebrew Queen Esther

Media Hype

Today I got up early, like I do every day, and went downstairs to do my normal routine–cat litter box, feed the fish, feed the dogs and cats, empty the dishwasher, change the food for the hermit crabs and do my exercise. Doesn’t that all seem glamorous! LOL! I won’t even mention about the cat

Simpsons Oracle

Take a look at this video which was produced 15 years ago that predicted Trump’s presidential run. It proves that TV is used to condition the population subliminally: This is too precise to be anything else but a statement of what was to come. It has come to pass. What else have they told

Big Stew/ Bigfoot!

Well, since I wear a size 13 shoe ( American sizes), it is only natural that I appear in the upcoming Bigfoot movie, created by Christopher Garetano, the amazing producer/ director of the “Montauk Chronicles” film. I am very excited about being asked to appear in this new movie: 1. 2.–3/x/13520881#/ Of course,

When There Are Grey Skies……

When my boys were little, I used to sing to them at bedtime. I had an entire repertoire of songs–every song I ever knew in every language I knew. LOL!  I think after so many times of hearing them, my boys would finally fall asleep out of boredom and escape! One song that they liked

What Is Going On Out There!

If you have been reading the comments forms and the Q&A, you can see that here is some odd activity happening. People are asking questions that are inappropriate for Q&A and making comments that they should already know. Now, I am NOT being harsh or critical. I am being observant and see that there is

In Like A Lion

Well, it’s March already! As they say–March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. It is a reference to the weather in North America.  Holding true, we have a snowstorm here in the Great Lakes for first days of March. Unfortunately for us, in Michigan, March comes in like a lion and

Anger, Let Me Count The Ways………

OK, it has been a few days from hell. I told you that February was a month of triggers and anger issues coming up. It has surpassed my expectations! Still have a few days to go. Well, no matter what happens, I do need to see the reflections so that I can clear them out.

An Open Letter

Below is a link to an open letter written by American singer, Charlie Daniels. While, there may be a bit of a religious, patriotic slant, the letter is very true. I would like to know your thoughts: The USA has been dismantled for the most part. We are now not much more than a

My Funny Valentine

February is the month of love. J This is because of Valentine’s Day. Most people have no idea that this is a ritual day where many are sacrificed after sexually extracting their energies so that they can be used to imprint the population. Dealing with relationships takes a lot more than flowers and candies. It

You Can Go Home Again

Just came back from a super visit to my family on Long Island. I was invited to my oldest son’s birthday dinner at a very exclusive restaurant named, Tellers. It was a former bank building. My third oldest son leases a private jet to the owner of the restaurant, so we had a private room

Fab Feb Health

This time of year is a lot of people are cooped up at home because of bad weather and because they may not feel well, after being indoors for so long. It causes many of us to reflect on our lives, and for some, this can bring up emotional issues. One of the biggest problems

But February Made Me Shiver……

The title is from the song–Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie. Those were the days! The songs in the 70s and 80s really had hidden messages in them. The songs today are usually triggers for some sort of ritual for the Illuminati. Of course, this year, things will be in a very high mode. February 2016

Ideas For A New You

As you read this, Janet and I are away on her birthday trip. We will be back soon. Meanwhile, I have searched past articles that are still relevant and have found this one on health and rejuvenation. I have added and changed a few things, but ultimately, it is important to review and do! During

Time To Reset

The week long intensive ended yesterday with a most fabulous meal prepared by Janet. It was super! Everyone seemed to enjoy it. A perfect ending to represent absorption of knowledge. I taught several new sections in this class and people were very fascinated by it. It was a very cold week with snow just about

Getting Ready!

Our week long class starts this Sunday! It is going to be the best one ever. I have amazing new info on world history, alien agendas, programming and even clear energy. Of course, I will also teach the basics again and make sure that everyone is on the same page. Janet will be preparing wonderful

The Quakey States Of America

This morning there was a moderate earthquake in Southern California. There have also been quakes this past week in New Jersey, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Texas and Nebraska. Gee–did I leave anyone out? Well, the news is reporting that we are all in greater danger than we thought! Here is the video:

January & 2016

As we say every year this time, where has the year gone? They always fly by. The saying is–time flies when you’re having fun. Really? Did we have fun? Well, there were ups and downs as in every year. The highlight of 2015 was the birth of my latest grandson, Spencer. I also met some

Appreciation Week

As many of my long-term readers  may know, we here at Expansions do not celebrate Christmas as the the public does. We do not follow any religion or historical ceremony.  We know that all religions are a part of the mind-control system of this planet. However, we do like to call this holiday season-Appreciation Week.


Once again, the unexpected and shocking has occurred. Our dear friend, Wasil Hodczak past away suddenly in his sleep. He apparently had a heart attack during the night. He was only 65 years old. He was a dear, sweet, kind man who helped everyone he could. Some of you may remember from many years ago,

When The Unexpected Happens….

It has certainly been a weird month for experiences and news. You can tell from our podcasts that things are getting more strange and unexpected at the moment. Sometimes the news is shocking, sometimes exciting, often it is manipulated, and sometimes it brings revelations that are unexpected. Sometimes they are sad. Yesterday, we found out

…..And The Triggers Begin!

I have been warning over the last couple of weeks about the December triggers and how it can bring up issues from the past as well as anger, frustration and other negative emotions. People from all over the world have been emailing and texting me about how they have been feeling and some even are

Family Ties

I am back from my rescheduled trip to NY. I finally made it this time after 2 unsuccessful attempts due to volcano and weather. Of course, the day I was going to the airport it was snowing all the way from Michigan to Chicago, but the roads were OK and it cleared later on. I

A December Remember

Since I am away this week, I wanted to give you a reminder about the holiday season and how to eat, etc. Here is a reminder that I posted a few years ago, but is still valid today: During the start of the Winter season and the holiday time of year, we tend to eat

December Or Dies Ember?

We are in a unique time period now where there is a series of 4 months in a row that have the same or similar frequencies. I cannot rmember a time when this has happened like this–but perhaps some of you remember more. No matter, when we are in a Shemitah/ Jubilee energy after 4

People Are Becoming Insane

In the last few days, more than usual, I have noticed that a lot of people out there have become really nuts. Not that they weren’t before, but it seems to be worse than ever. People are becoming extra belligerent, uncooperative, lazy, hostile and even aggressive. This goes for both males and females. I watched

What Really Happened In The 1600s?

As Americans sit down to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, no one will know the true story of what really happened. They will only remember the made-up cover story that is told in school and on TV. Below I present to you the REAL story, as written by historian, Susan Bates: The story began in 1614 when

Man Supposes and God Disposes

It sounds better when my grandmother used to say it in German–mensch tracht und Gott lacht!  I also always say–rejection is God’s protection. OK, so why am I saying all of this? Because today I was supposed to leave for NY to see my grandchildren and sons. It had been originally cancelled when I was

Embers of November

With the attacks in Paris on Friday, the 13th, the blowing up of a Russian airliner, the attacks on Christians in Indonesia and the falling to Earth of unknown space junk, the weirdness and fear have only just begun. All of these carefully orchestrated global events are designed to put the End Times fears into

Around The World In Hazy Days

Well, I’m finally home after one of the most disturbing endings to a trip I have ever had! My trip started out very well, visiting my children and grandchildren in NY. Then I was off to Russia, Poland and Germany, which were very super and I had good seminars, consultations and excellent meetings with people

Remember November!

This month is also a dual frequency. November 2015 is a Mother of Darkness energy ( programming) as well as a Double New beginning energy ( Oversoul). So, a lot of work to do, but keep in mind that once we remove old, negative mind-patterns, we also undermine the programming that is hooked on to

Sex Mess

In recent months, I have been getting clients who tell me that they are no longer interested in sexual activity…at least, not what society would consider to be sexual activity. By this I mean that many men tell me that they are not having intimate relations with their wife, conversely, may women are telling me

Abuse Issues

As per my previous article about starting a sexual abuse blog, it is important to talk a bit about sexual abuse, which is much more prevalent in our society than most are willing to admit. In fact, in my practice over the years, I have spoken to as many males as females with the same

Sweetness In Life

As you can imagine, this month’s info will be about Diabetes. It was shocking to learn from some physicians and researchers that there is evidence to indicate that the rise in Juvenile Diabetes can be correlated to immunizations given in early childhood! Apparently, contact with certain viruses trigger the chemicals latently in the inoculations to

All My Bags Are Packed…

Yes, the conference is over and I am leaving again tomorrow morning. Seems like I am only in the US these days to visit. Well, that is why this was our last conference here. We will still have our January classes and are considering doing another week long class in September each year. I have

Wonderful Baby!

I just got back from NY and the birth of my next grandchild–yes, another boy!! Seems we Swerdlows only make boys. Well, it will keep the name going for a while! It was one of the most wonderful trips ever. I had a great time with all of my older boys and we had superb

From Last Shemitah

I was going through old articles to see if I could repost any of them while I am away. I saw this one I wrote in 2008, the last Shemitah and financial collapse. Amazingly, it is still valid today and since most of you have not read this–I think–i wanted to share with you. Please


The month of October 2015 has dual frequencies. It is an “18″ according to ancient Hebrew, Egyptian and Chaldean calendars. This is described in Kabala as good fortune and long life. It is referred to in Hebrew as “chai”. According to modern frequencies, October 2015 is a “9″ month, which implies an end of a

Clarification And Understanding

Some of you have written in expressing unhappiness in my choice of words. Perhaps I was too strong is using the term, “all of you”, when describing the feeling I had about the situation. Allow me to clarify and explain, as I think my words were misunderstood. First of all, I appreciate every one of

Home, But Not For Long

OK, I am temporarily home after a 15,000 mile trip to 3 continents and many countries. I leave again on October 1 to New York for the birth of my next grandchild. Then I am home for a week for our annual conference  ( maybe our last one)  and then off again for 3 weeks

Purging The Past/ Shemitah Prep

In order to clear away all the junk from the past and prepare yourself for what is coming so you are not affected negatively, it is necessary to purge the body, especially the intestinal track. I am re-posting this cleanse because it is a needed protocol before Winter and before the full onset of Shemitah:

Flu Replay

I found this article I wrote back in 2009. Amazingly, it is just as appropriate in 2015 as it was then. The more things change, the more they stay the same. So, I wanted you all to read this since flu season is about upon us: There has been a lot of talk lately about

Abundance In These Times

So many people across the globe are having financial difficulties. I have seen this in every country I have been in during the past year—and I have been in quite a few. They are watching their coins, buying cheap food, conserving fuel in cars, fixing up old clothing and houses and staying close to home,

Remember September!

The month of September 2015 will be remembered for a long time. It is the month when the Shemitah will begin ( refer to my webinar on Prophecy) as well as the related global financial collapse, which began last month. As always, the financial markets are all manipulated and controlled by the Illuminati. They create

Getting Ready….

It has been a cold and cloudy week here in Michigan. I have even seen some trees turning color already. The weather service says we could have frost by mid-September. What else is new! I have not been in the pool in 3 years and yesterday I already had it covered for the Winter. So

An Early Crash?

As I have been telling you, the Stock Market will crash in September 2015.  However, seems to have gotten an early start: I am not a market expert, but I have been told that investing in gold and silver is best now. Things are supposed to improve in February 2016–as it stands now. But,

Getting Things Done!

You may have noticed that my posts are few and far between. This is because I am feverishly attempting to get myself ready for next trip this coming week, in addition to my daily appointments, chores and preparation for OMG meeting. Just completed a very successful Radionics Seminar and that took a lot of effort.

Promises, Promises

I’m all through with promises, promises, now. Yes, these are the words to an old Broadway song that I am sure most of you never heard of. But, since I am over 200 years old, I know all of them. :)  These words have come into my ancient mind recently because of issues with people

Updated Earthquake Warnings

The US has released a new map of areas where earthquakes can cause significant damage. It has doubled the amount of population living in danger zones: Be prepared.  Here in Michigan we had 3 quakes in the last couple of months. You neverread more

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor….

I guess you have noticed–or not–that I have not posted an article on here in a few days. Janet is visiting family and I am here taking care of 100s of daily emails, comments Q&A, house, animals, business and one son. Wow, it’s a lot of work! In addition, I have been preparing for the

America In 2015

As I was going through my daily research of global activities, I came across very disturbing stories about the USA that corroborates the fact that the USA as I/we knew it, no longer exists. I offer the following articles for you to read at your discretion. Let me know yourread more

Dog Days

Don’t they call August the “dog days of Summer”? This is when the heat and humidity are supposed to be at their highest. I never liked this time of year because of that. A Russian-Viking does not do well in the heat. But, it hasn’t been too bad this year and today is a bit

Snow In July!

Global Warming?? NOT!! It snowed in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho this week: Let’s not forget that about 10 days ago, it snowed….in Hawaii!! Hello! Whaddya say about THAT Alread more

Flamed, Blamed and Ashamed

This past week I have been getting emails from people telling me that so many odd and bad things have been happening to them and they just do not understand why! They are doing their mental work and releasing, yet, they are falling, losing things, getting angry, etc. What is going on? There is the

Actions And Reactions

Part of the process of communication has more to do with how we react to situations and what words we use. This is in addition to changing our mind-patterns so that we only project out calm and benevolent energies that attract like experiences. I know, sounds simple, but can be challenging. I was thinking today

All In The Family

We just got home last night after a 1500 mile/ 2500 km round trip drive to Long Island. I tell you, I don’t think I want to make that drive again. I have done it MANY times, but I think I’m done with it. With all the road construction, bad weather, traffic and absolutely insane

Make Yourself Happy

I know, that is easier said than done. While you are reading this, I am in NY visiting family and attending a memorial service for my mother. Eastern Europeans like to tug at the heart as often as possible. They don’t let the dead rest in peace. They keep bringing up events to make you

No Global Warming!

Had to share this very interesting article from FOX News: Nobel Prize-winning scientist says Obama is ‘dead wrong’ on global warming By Michael Bastasch Published July 08, 2015 Facebook4606 Twitter1357 Email Print In 2008, Dr. Ivar Giaever joined over 70 Nobel Science Laureates in endorsing Barack Obama for president, but seven years later the Nobel

When Communication Gets Dicey

Hopefully, you are all practicing your communications skills this month. I know it can be challenging, especially when dealing with past or current anger and frustration issues. I know that I have had my challenges so far this month, as some of you have pointed out. I have mentioned many times that I am not

It’s Independence Day

Yes, I write about this every year. I almost didn’t this year because I am so disgusted with what I see happening to this country–USA. I have read articles all day about how great the USA is and how it is the hope of the world. Actually, the great American psychic, Edgar Cayce, said many

Hi To July!

Yes, half the year is over and to me it went by so quickly! I know that I say that every year at this time, but, it really did go by fast. Perhaps the time distortions created by the particle beam accelerators are enhancing this. No matter, July 2015 has a dual energy.  It has

Michigan Shakes Again!

Well, it’s been a volatile few weeks here in Michigan. We had a moderate quake in May, followed by a series of heavy storms with tornadoes and floods. Then we had a small quake at the Michigan-Indiana-Ohio border. Then, a few days ago we had an odd aurora borealis which should not be happening in

I’m Ready For My Close-Up

It has been a very interesting week to say the least. It started out with warnings for heavy thunderstorms and tornadoes. I went into my weather mode and placed a blockage around the area as well as placing triple layers of protection around the house and property. On radar, I watched as the storms were

Father Time

I was looking through my notes in preparation for the Father-Sun/ Father-Son webinar coming up next week and I found this article I had written a couple of years ago. I wanted to share it with you now, since it is always timely for June and Father’s Day. read more

Back To Normal?

As you all know by now, Janet is back home. Her flight was delayed, but she and Jonathan made it home. I was watching the radar because storms were approaching Chicago and her plane was headed to the airport at the same time the storms were expected. But, I quickly did my mental work and

Part Of The Healing Energy

Just a couple more days, then my dear Janet will be home from Europe. She is having a good time and learning a lot. I am sure she will share what she has learned in the October Conference, and maybe on a podcast or 2. Janet has been away before and I have taken care

Flying Solo

Janet has been away almost a week now. She will return end of next week. I spent a lot of days before her departure agonizing over how I would handle all of the chores and issues on my own while she was in Europe. Deep down, I knew I could do all. She has been

June Is A Boon

Yes, we are in the month of June 2015 already. That means that almost half the year is over! So, hope you have been working on your Oversoul connections. In this month, we experience a healing energy. Therefore, if you combine your Oversoul communications with your healing techniques, you will see very powerful results. Healing

Radio Europe Today!

Hello Dear Readers! I have been asked to speak on the Radio Europe show of Richie Allen today at 4:10p Eastern Time. Hope you will listen. Very exciting! Will discuss my work and coming seminar in the UK and so muchread more

End Of Everything

Of course, I mean the frequency of May 2015, which is an “everything” month. Yes, so much has happened this month. It truly lived up to its frequency. Hopefully, all of you have had amazing opportunities brought before you and have made many decisions regarding your present and future. Just a few more days until


In the USA this is memorial Day weekend. The actual holiday is on Monday. If the weather is good, people will be having BBQs, parties, visiting cemeteries and watching parades for the military. The idea is to be thankful for all the soldiers that died to keep us safe from the tyranny on the Earth.

From Michigan To Michoacan And Back Again

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Mexico where I stayed with amazing and generous people. They live in the Mexican state of Michoacan. I live in the US state of Michigan. There has to be some connection, so I went to central Mexico to find out. Both Michigan and Michoacan are known for

Mid May

We are halfway through the “everything” month of May 2015. I hope that you are using this energy to your full advantage and working on every possibility of life. Do not stress if you haven’t, you still have another half month to go before the energy changes again. As you read this, I am in

All Clear

Or, should I say–everything is clear! I have been really working on using this amazing energy which is Absolute. I have taught this in OMG as well as some of my latest seminars. I know that some of you have been asking me to explain this on the site, but it really needs to be

Smothers Day!

OK, that title could be a contraction for –It’s Mother’s Day–or not. :)  In light of our recent fab webinar on Mothers and all issues related to this, I have compiled some info and exercises that I have created over the years for you to review and do now. Please read all that follows and


Well, I did tell you that May 2015 was an “everything” month. It so far is living up to its reputation and forecast. It started out slowly with issues in Nepal and Tibet from the large earthquake. Then, the next day, we had the second largest earthquake in Michigan history! That was a shock–literally! Plus,

Michigan Earthquake!

Well, after the last few weeks of extreme cold, blizzards, tornadoes and even floods, now this: and.. Interesting that it happened on the day the new princess was born! And… One more update with funny twitter comments: CNN)A rare earthquake, registering magnitude 4.2, rattled the western part of Michigan on Saturday

The Merry Month Of May

This month of May 2015 is an “everything energy”. That means that there is a possibility for anything to happen and it probably will–personally and globally. It is a time when many opportunities and choices are brought before you and you must make decisions quickly and properly. It is wise to first ground and balance

Perfecting The Past

The weather here in Michigan has finally turned to Spring! There are a few daffodils that have popped up, but not much else so far. I see the rabbits are preparing for new births and the birds appear to be gathering materials for nests. The new cycle is beginning–all based on what was before. Even

Conference & Confidence

I am back home after a wonderful trip to New York and Pennsylvania. It was super seeing all of my family again. Spend time with my older boys and my grandchildren. Also went to see my father and my sister. All went super well and the negativity from the past seems to be vanished. I

50 Shades Of Lies

April is the time for creation and perfection, as I told you at the beginning of the month. We are to build upon what we have started new in the last 2 months. However, we can only build upon a good foundation. That means, before we can create and manifest a GOOD new “something”, all

Watering The Plants

Every two weeks or so, I water all of my house plants. Most of them I had taken inside last October in preparation for the Winter season. I always make sure that the pots are clean, no weeds or bugs in them, and the dead leaves and flowers are pruned away. During the very long

Passover & Easter

I have written about this over the years, but it is good to review the information and reprint it here. This month the Jewish people of the world celebrate the holiday of Passover. It is a remembrance of the times of slavery in ancient Egypt when the Jews were forced to build edifices for the