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It’s April!

Can you believe that it is April already! Every year I remark about how fast things are moving. I guess that means we are busy and time seems to move faster when you are occupied with many things. This month of April 2015 is an energy of perfection and creation. That means that you should

Another Plane, Another Lie!

The destruction of the Germanwings airliner in the French Alps has brought a lot of questions to mind, as well as a lot of confusion, anger and frustration. This is an unspeakable tragedy and yet again, a co-pilot is being blamed for the disaster. I do not believe the media stories of what happened. Information

Harbinger Of Spring

No, I don’t mean crocus or budding leaves. I mean, we are in the Shemitah year and there is a sign this week that we must observe and be forewarned. This Friday, March 20, is the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It is also a day for a solar eclipse that can

Around The World In 20 Days

I’m finally back after a whirlwind tour of 3 continents and completely circling the Earth. Although it all went very well, remind never to go away for so long again. I say this every year, but it keeps getting worse! Already I have been invited to do conferences and seminars in Greece, Germany and Poland

Keeping Up Appearances

Several years ago, when my mother-in-law was still alive and visited us in the Winter time, we would often sit in the den and watch TV. One of her favorite shows was the old repeats on BBC America, called, “Keeping Up Appearances”.  This program was about a British woman named, Hyacinth Bucket, who lived in

Critics & Abusers

As you all know, being me is no easy task. Literally daily there are those who post negative things about me and say all types of nonsense. Most, if not all of them don’t even know me! I suppose that is the nature of this work I am in. The public likes to shoot the

March Can Be Harsh

You have made it to March 2015! Congratulations! This is now a double new beginning frequency, which is an enhancement of the energies from last month. If you have not already done so, you should have changed or added something new to the residence, career and relationships. Have you? Whatever you have started last month

Staying The Course

By the time people reach the end of February, there is often a deterioration of their New Year’s goals and plans to stay healthy and be consistent with their plans for themselves. The Winter is long and dreary ( for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere–Summer can also be a drudge) so, there is

Remembering Things

Today is Presidents Day in the USA. They combined the birthdays of Lincoln and Washington into one day and moved it to a Monday so that everyone could have a three day weekend. Wasn’t that nice? Of course, I’m still working anyway. The idea is that Lincoln and Washington were such great leaders, that we

A Veil In Time

What does THAT mean?? To me, this coming Satanic holiday started in Roman times in order to match people together for ritual creates a veil that prevents us from seeing true unconditional love. This is the month of Valentine’s Day—the satanic blood red holiday given the mask of “Love” and relationships. The standard symbol of

I’m Ready For My Close-up!

As I have written to you earlier this month, February 2015 is a time for new beginnings. Well, it sure has been a time not only for new beginnings, but for new directions. Sometimes it feels like I am dreaming or suddenly stepped into an alternate reality. But, it is physically real! Hope you all


I’ve had some interesting experiences in the last couple of days that made me think about obligations and who is responsible for what. This is an important topic for February 2015–a new beginning frequency. I had one individual who has been a client for many years. He knows my work and is quite talented and


The calendar keeps on moving forward. Time is an illusion, but we must deal with the rules of physical reality on a daily basis and use them to our advantage. February 2015 has the frequency of a New Beginning! Yea! Time to head in new directions. This is a month to work on new plans

Feeling Strange?

A lot of people have been telling me this week that they are not feeling the way that is “normal” for them. There seems to be a sentiment of weirdness and anxiety that is bombarding a lot of people. This could be a mix of sensing changes in the planet’s energy or ELF pulses. Last

Going Deeper

Many of you may have listened to my radio show last night with Jimmy Church on “Fade To Black”. It was a very different type of interview, more like a private conversation with other people eaves dropping. Jimmy is a great host and he asked some very interesting questions. I don’t think I have ever

Ending & Beginning

Wow, the week long training class has ended today! It was a very good week and the participants were wonderful. It was one of the best classes I have ever done and it was totally different than all the others  I have taught. I gave new information and new ideas about the future and what

The Class Begins

It’s been so busy here that I have not had much time to write. It may be that way until the class ends on the 17th. We have a few new people coming this year so it will be a very interesting group for sure. Of course, although it is sunny right no, but still

St. Joseph In Winter

We finally made it into international news. Well, not for a great reason, but, here you go: See what you are missing! And it’s only the middle of January. We still have at least 3 more months of Winter weatherread more

Seeing Is Not Believing..Or…Seeing Is Deceiving

Sometimes, well, often, what we see in life is not what is really there. Yesterday I went outside at 6a to shovel snow that looked nice and fluffy. But, as soon as I put the shovel to the driveway, I realized that there was a thick layer of ice underneath it and I could in

Where Will You Be??

Here is an interesting movie trailer from a new film called–San Andreas–which will be released this Spring:   Remember, they don’t put out such stories unless they are telling you something in a way you can assimilate. Where will you be? Hopefully notread more

Naked & Afraid

Last night on New Year’s Eve, we did our usual early dinner, this time with the parents of the girlfriend of one of our sons. It was very pleasant. We had Lebanese food and even though they are Seventh Day Adventists, they asked me about conspiracies and political matters. I had to be careful of

Goodbye 2014

Every year I always say that I don’t know where the year went. It certainly was one of the strangest years ever and I am not sorry to see it go. Let 2014 go into history and not be repeated in any way! In 2014 we saw the disappearance of a Malaysian airliner and a

Appreciation Week Again

As I have stated for many years, here at Expansions we do not participate in Christmas activities. But, because the week is a holiday and everyone is busy shopping and giving gifts, we have decided to call this–Appreciation Week. That means it is a time we can use to show appreciation for those in our

If I Were An Alien…..

I would not want any contact with humanity at all. Humans are dangerous and create a lot of problems. Yes, much of it is organized by the Illuminati and carried out by mind-controlled/ programmed people. However, we need to remind ourselves that programming can only be attached if the foundational mind-pattern already exists. So, knowing

Winter Coming/ Might Be Numbing

In a few days we will have the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. It will be Summer for you peeps on the bottom of the planet. Either way, it will be a time of ritual and this has already begun–as we have seen with the many “terrorist” attacks and murders of families all over

Santa Lucia

In English, she is known as St. Lucy. Her story was brought to Scandinavia by monks who also brought Christianity to the Vikings. It always surprises me that the Vikings did not behead them! Anyway, the story goes that a young Christian maiden in Ancient Rome would bring food and supplies to the early Christians

Bigger Triggers

I really did not intend to write an article about programming triggers this month, but, my gosh, so many of you have emailed in about major issues that have come up in the last 2 weeks–all over the world. I have clients and friends from just about every continent telling me that they have gone

An American Hero!

Finally! A man who speaks the truth and is associated with a government medical agency: Wolf Blitzer remains an Illuminati mouthpiece as does the rest of CNN. Hope we see more like more


December 7 is coming up soon. This is known as Pearl Harbor Day when on Dec. 7, 1941, the Japanese Imperial Fleet attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in a sneak attack that forced the US into WW2 on two continents. As the war progressed, two more continents were added. December 7 was known as “the day

Ember Of December

Embers. Not just in your ovens and fireplaces. Not just in your love life or great ideas. These embers are about duality. This month of December 2014 has two frequencies. It is a month of new beginning energy. It is also a month for Mother of Darkness programming triggers and activations. In a way, they

The Real Thanksgiving

The title is actually a double meaning. The story we are told in school about how the White settlers and the Native people came together before Winter to celebrate a harvest and friendship in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1600s is not true.  It is a story created in order to cover up the

Staying Focused

November is turning out to be a month for surprises in many ways. So many things that were expected to be a certain way, have turned out in a very different manner. But, it always is the way it is supposed to be even if we do not realize it at the moment. There is

Rosetta Stone-Walling

Here is an article about the Rosetta spacecraft which landed on the Comet 67P and supposedly lost all battery power and can no longer transmit images and info. All BS to stop any more news coverage. Read below from the San Diego Top News Examiner: UFOs are in space, and the real mission of the

Scorpion Tears

Do scorpions have tears? They have very tough exteriors and when provoked–stand back! That stinger comes out and Lord help whomever or whatever is in the way! Yet, as a Scorpio person, I can tell you that we are quite sensitive and very emotional. We save the stinger for a last resort. This past week,

Endings And Beginnings

According to many religious and astronomical predictions, we are entering a period of great change on the Earth and for all of humanity. We have amazing “signs in the sky” during the coming year. There are 4 “Blood Moons” starting in September 2014 and ending in September 2015. In addition, these are accompanied by a

Satan In A Drink?

This is a very interesting and convincing video about how Satanic images are used on daily products without people being aware of it: These type of logos and designs are everywhere. Let me know what you think of this. Have you seenread more

Remembering War

This Tuesday is Veteran’s Day in the USA. It is a time when we are supposed to remember and honor all those who have fought in war, both past and present and to give thanks for their efforts and sacrifices.  There are so many who have died and are still dying in the name of

I’m Ready!

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. There were so many of you that I can hardly answer all of them personally. So, please accept this as a giant THANK YOU for all of your kind wishes to me. I now begin my “everything” year. It will be 12 months of many choices and

Winds Of November

Well, October went out literally with a blast! Halloween gave us 60 mph/ 100 kph winds with heavy snow coming down at times and temps below freezing. All the remaining leaves are off the trees and some of my outdoor small statues were blown down. The good thing was–no doorbell ringing from kiddies and no

Alien Revelation

Below is a video taped by as a death bed confession of a scientist who worked in Area 51 with a high security. This man has passed on in August and this video has recently been released. I found it on Yahoo News, which is a global media outlet. Of course, what he reveals is

Sick And Sweet

Yes, that is a play on Trick or Treat! The Halloween event coming up this Friday is one of the most awful days of the year. For the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone would want their child to celebrate a day dedicated to death, astral entities and evil. On top of all

Things to Consider

Here are some articles that talk about the things I have been telling you.  Read them and let me know what you think.  Yes, it is a bit to go through, but it correlates with everything I have told over the last few years:–finance.html  

Falling Leaves

Everywhere I look now the leaves are falling. The colors are not so bright this year, but the predominant one seems to be, pale orange. This symbolizes absolute truth and creativity. Mother Nature is letting us know that we need to connect to those two aspects of existence. Janet was away all week clearing out

No Global Warming!

This comes from a scientist who co-founded The Weather Channel! Backs up what I have been saying. Could it be that TRUTH is finally coming through! ‘There is NO climate crisis’: Man-made global warming is a lie and not backed up by science, claims leading meteorologist Comments made by John Coleman in an open letter

Kuiper Belt Image?

Once again on global media there is a video and article about an insect-like image flying near the space station. This is the first time that I know of where the image of a UFO is described as an insect! Perhaps the stage alien invasion will claim that we are attacked by insects from

Mars Stories

There are daily stories about what the Mars rover is finding on the Red Planet. These stories are posted on conventional media. Although some of them may be conjecture or exaggeration, the point is that the info is imprinting the public about life on our closest neighbor–planet-wise. Here is just what I saw today:

A Miracle Happened

I have written about the turtle dove that came to me until I realized that my departed mother had sent it. Now it is gone. But I am at peace knowing that her message was one of unconditional love, despite our differences during her lifetime. This week, another fascinating event occurred. I have written and


That stands for–Denver International Airport. It is the weirdest airport on Earth. In front, there is a giant horse statue that is dedicated to the “New World Airport Authority”. Who are they? The airport is decorated with weird murals and tiles with strange languages that no one can identify. There are UFO-like images hanging from

My Mother’s Message

As many of you know, my mother passed away last month. Other than her funeral, I have been quite emotionless about it.  I have not thought much about it and have attempted to comfort my father and sister who are still quite distraught. Over these passed few weeks, I have had a dream or two

More Imprinting

I have mentioned to you all about the imprinting now by conventional media on aliens, UFOs, ghosts, etc. This is all designed to get you used to the idea of a possible alien attack and also to get used to the astral invocations of the coming New World Religion. Take a look at these videos

Conference Thoughts

The weekend conference went very well. The hotel was super and the power point was excellent. The participants all contributed with good questions and paid close attention to the fascinating information. I also learn from the audience since many have pieces of information that add to what I am sharing. The weather cooperated as well.

Megaquake For West Coast

Conventional media is now writing articles about a megaquake hitting the West Coast of the US. As you know, they always tell you before hand what will happen. According to the following article, the quake is overdue now: Anyone living along the subduction zone should prepare. Personally, I would not want to be there

The Simpsons Cartoon Predicts….Ebola Virus!

Back in 1997, an episode of the Simpsons previewed the Ebola virus epidemic: The Illuminati always tell you what they are planning to do–but you need to be alert! This Ebola scare is man-made and bogus. It is designed to create fear, a diversion and force vaccinations with nanoparticles that form implants. Remember, they

Ice Is Nice

We are on the countdown for the conference at the end of this week. People are already starting to arrive. Last minute preparations are underway. It is very busy here. I am so excited about all that I have learned and will share with the attendees. I think I have put everything together like never

Perfect Timing

In light of our upcoming conference on the Alien Agenda, this news article posted on Yahoo News is very timely: Let me know what you think ofread more

October Snow!

This morning I woke up to a cloudy and blustery day. I thought–gee, I had better take the delicate plants inside. So, I put on my coat and work gloves and brought all the tropical potted plants into the garage to stage them before bringing them up to the bonus room. Literally 1 minute after


You guessed it! October 2014 is an Oversoul energy month.  That means we all need to be doing our Oversoul work every day. There is a lot more to it than just fixing the silver infinity over the crown chakra. We will be discussing this in greater detail during our conference this month. I hope

Alien Invasion?

There is a comet flying through space that is named, Comet 67P. While it is flying out near Jupiter at the moment, Earth scientists have sent a satellite/ probe named Rosetta, to analyze it and possibly land on it. Strange radio signals have been picked up from this object. NASA images show UFO-type vehicles

Trees Of Life

Yesterday I told you about my emotional experiences at my mother’s funeral.  So much more has come to mind since I posted that. I wanted to share with you since so many have told me of their own experiences with the passing of a parent. I was never close to my father. He always worked

A Tale Of Two Stewies

It was the best of times. It was the worst of time. Mostly, it was the worst. This past Summer was really challenging and I call it–the Summer that wasn’t. So many events happened, one after the other. You know all about it. But, having come home from a long trip to learn within hours


Well, I thought that when I returned home from my long trip that I would write to you about my adventure. It was all good and the people of Iceland and Poland are extraordinarily kind and wonderful. I feel at home in both countries. I arrived home late last night after a long delay in

Nature’s Color Therapy

Here in the Great Lakes, the cold Summer allowed for the leaves to start changing at the end of July! It was not significant, but some of the smaller bushes along the roads were totally in brilliant colors by the first week in August. Now, midway through September, with a polar vortex hanging around, the

911 Anniversary

This September 11 is the 13th anniversary of the so-called attack on the USA by nefarious forces from Central Asia…or so the government would have you believe. Of course, we all know that those devious forces are actually in the capitol of the USA and other Illuminati centers. But, since the # 13 is so

Health Care In September

There has been a lot of talk lately about Obama’s new health care plan. The White House has taken up the defensive by doing damage control regarding rumors about the plan that spell trouble. the bottom line is–the plan is a form of Socialized Medicine, which has not worked well in any country that has

Live Long & Prosper!

So many people across the globe are having financial difficulties. I have seen this in every country I have been in during the past year—and I have been in quite a few. They are watching their coins, buying cheap food, conserving fuel in cars, fixing up old clothing and houses and staying close to home,

Is It September Already?

The Summer flew by as it always does. Each year at this time we ask the same question—is it September already? Yes, it is! This year, September has a frequency of completion. That means we should be completing all of the mental and physical work we were committed to doing this Summer. Have you done

Learning From Nature

I have spent some time outside these days since it is the only few days that have actually been like Summer. As you know, I like to observe nature and I communicate with the insects, birds, chipmunks, squirrels, frogs, etc. We have a lot of wildlife around here. As I observe, I think about my

Another Media Deception?

In the last few days I have heard rumors that the beheading of the American by ISIS was actually a staged event. Now, from the UK comes this report: Could James Foley have been murdered by ISIS a YEAR ago? New claims over footage of beheading as spies use ‘vein analysis’ to find Jihadi John

I Am Angry!

Yes, I am angry, even though it goes against everything I have taught. I realize that although I have purged a lot of my emotions over the years, there is still more deep down inside of me, which means it is also inside of you. let me delineate what has made me angry of late:

Ritual Sacrifice?

I have stated in the past that when people in high politics, entertainment or Illuminati in general are “promoted” to a new level, a sacrifice is made of a close relative as an offering to the astral entities. Here is what happened yesterday: (CNN) — A car crash in Argentina killed three members of Pope

Freedom Of Speech In America?

Watch this video and let me know what you think. Seems like the media is manipulating what happened and forcing a certain conclusion: All of what is happening in Missouri is a staged event designed to encourage racism and division in the US. Divide and conquer. In all these years, nothing has changed. It

Reptilian Aussies?

Perhaps by now you have seen the awful images of the young Australian boy holding the severed head of some victim in Syria. His mentally ill father took him there to fight with ISIS. The kid is only 7 years old and already a terrorist in the making. But, watch this video about a news

Montauk Day

Well, it started out with a bang. Yes, another heavy thunderstorm rolled in around midnight, shaking things up a bit. Someone needs to change the timing of those things! Not good when you are trying to rest. Today, it is cold and rainy. Once again, feels more like mid-Autumn than the end of Summer. This

Now What!

Yesterday afternoon as we were getting ready for dinner, we heard a loud boom. The house shook. Felt like a little earthquake. We searched around but could not find anything. A bit later, as Janet was taking one of the dogs out for a walk, she saw what happened. A large spring over one of

The Weirdness Continues

I was outside last evening and observing nature as I always do. Then I heard a movement in the low tree in front of my dining room window. I saw a robin with a worm in its mouth sitting on the edge of a nest and feeding baby birds!! It’s August and this should have

Talking About Endings

The month of August 2014 has a dual energy. It is a time period for communications. It is also a time for ending cycles that have been present for a long time. Therefore, we need to talk about endings. This is why we are doing our Summer Intensive on communications. There are many ways to

So That’s Summer, Eh?

Yesterday we had yet another huge storm. This one dropped hail the size of golf balls. Was a bit scary listening to the ice smash against the windows and roof. There was a lot of damage nearby to cars and roof tops. The ground looked white for a bit. Gee, such a lovely Summer! Today

Weird Energy

Last night we experienced yet another storm, not as bad as the last one and no damage that I can see this time. Why do these things always happen at 1a when it is so difficult to see what is happening? All you can hear is the loud thunder, the pounding rain and see the

Blown Away

With all that has been going on in the world and with myself personally, I just have not had a moment to write on this blog. I now have a few moments so will hit it while I can. Please read my articles about the Malaysian Airlines flight and watch the podcast that we just

Update On MH 17

People, remember that on July 17, 1996, TWA 800 was also blown up while flying off the coast of Long Island by a missile observed by a Saudi Airlines pilot who reported this upon landing at JFK. That pilot vanished. Also remember that the next day, famous reporter, Pierre Salinger had a media conference in

Another 777!!

Quite incredibly, another Malaysian Airlines 777 is destroyed, this time over Eastern Ukraine. MH # 17 was en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it was allegedly shot down by a ground to air missile over Ukrainian territory. All 295 people on board are dead as the flight disintegrated at cruising altitude of 32,000

A Mid-Summer’s Night Freeze

Even though it is Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, next week we expect another Polar Vortex that will bring arctic air down on top of the Midwest. This is a Winter pattern that is not supposed to happen now! What do you think, Al Gore? It has been quite a Summer. A derecho storm,


That is what today adds up to numerologically. It is a completion and perfection on all levels. It is also our wedding anniversary. We were also married on a 7-7-7 day. A good day for triple lattice people! So much has been going on in our lives. The last few months have had emotional, mental

UFOs On Mars??

Here is an article and videos about what NASA says are photo glitches or “hot pixels”–whatever that is!  Sure looks like UFOs to me. What do YOU think?? Let usread more

Roll The Stone Away, Let The Guilty Pay

It’s Independence Day! For all of my American readers…. Read the more

Not A Jolie July!

July 2014 has an energy of healing. Really? About 5 minutes after midnight on July 1, we had a “derecho”.  This is a storm native to the Midwest of North America that has hurricane force winds, tornadoes, heavy rain and deadly ground to sky lightning–incessantly! Doesn’t that sound like a fun time?! The storm came

New Connections

Yesterday I had a new computer installed. It is always nerve-wracking for me to have such things done. I’m always concerned about files not making it across, or new computer failure, or any unforeseen events that would make my new computer not work right. But, this time I had the right person helping and it

It’s Almost Summer!

It will soon be the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. That means very long days and warmer temps. The extra light helps things to grow and after the LONG Winter we had, I am actually glad to be wearing lighter clothes and sandals. But, this also has symbolic references. Lighter clothes mean that we

What Is A Father?

Today is Father’s Day in North America and a few other places. Different countries celebrate on different days. As you have heard before, every day should be for honoring parents–yes, even the ones we don’t like. The people who give us the greatest challenges are our most dedicated teachers. I am sure that everyone has

Miracles Happen

As you all know, I went to do a seminar in NYC and then go out to my family on Long Island to see my new grandson. ( See pic on Facebook page.)  The workshop and lecture went very well. Such great people in NYC! The Meta Center is a friendly and helpful location. My

Meeting An Alien

As we get much closer to the staged alien invasion event, we hear from NASA that we can expect to learn of alien life within our lifetime. Duh! There have been aliens here since the world began. They know it, you know it. They just perpetuate the lies in public. We are also moving closer

Communication Aggravation Or Elation?

This past week, Janet was away visiting her family and I was home taking care of everything myself before my own trip. As usual when Janet goes, she leaves me a list of what to do for food, taking care of boys and animals, etc. Well, as you can imagine, things did not exactly go

Making Choices

Since we are all in an “everything” and will be presented with many choices and opportunities, we need to think about how we are going to make those choices. Often, they are presented very quickly and we are put on the spot to decide at the very moment a choice is offered. For example, just

June Is Busting Out All Over….

I am hoping that some of you “older” readers remember that song from years ago. Yes, it was a show tune, but I have no clue from which show it comes. LOL! But, I always think of it every June. I told you that June 2014 will be a “doozy” and I was not joking.

May Be

The end of month is rapidly approaching. June is going to be a doozy, so it is a really good idea to get things in order these last few days before all the you know what hits the fan. During the last 4 weeks, you should have been doing a lot of release work, growing


This weekend and coming Monday are holidays in the US. It is the Memorial Day weekend which officially kicks off the Summer season and vacations. It is a time for outings to the beach, BBQs, graduation ceremonies and even weddings. It is a time to make memories and to remember those who have died in

Life Goes On

After I returned home from Japan, I needed to start my car which had been sitting for a couple of weeks unattended. This vehicle is in a separate garage with an entrance from my backyard. It is also the last home of my wonderful Malamute, Blizzard, who passed from this world the week after I

The Man From Japan

That’s me–home from Japan.  Just wanted to let you all know that I am home as of late last night. It was an amazing trip with so much learned. I discovered definite information linking ancient Japan to ancient Israel. Even words and letters in the language are either similar or identical. The Japanese in the

Oh Me, Oh May-o

I have struggled for a long time with impatience. In the past I have written about how I want everything yesterday. Janet would always tell me that it’s all about the “process” and I should appreciate the experience of allowing the thought-forms to be projected out and Oversoul manifests it is due time, not MY