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Nature’s Color Therapy

Here in the Great Lakes, the cold Summer allowed for the leaves to start changing at the end of July! It was not significant, but some of the smaller bushes along the roads were totally in brilliant colors by the first week in August. Now, midway through September, with a polar vortex hanging around, the

911 Anniversary

This September 11 is the 13th anniversary of the so-called attack on the USA by nefarious forces from Central Asia…or so the government would have you believe. Of course, we all know that those devious forces are actually in the capitol of the USA and other Illuminati centers. But, since the # 13 is so

Health Care In September

There has been a lot of talk lately about Obama’s new health care plan. The White House has taken up the defensive by doing damage control regarding rumors about the plan that spell trouble. the bottom line is–the plan is a form of Socialized Medicine, which has not worked well in any country that has

Live Long & Prosper!

So many people across the globe are having financial difficulties. I have seen this in every country I have been in during the past year—and I have been in quite a few. They are watching their coins, buying cheap food, conserving fuel in cars, fixing up old clothing and houses and staying close to home,

Is It September Already?

The Summer flew by as it always does. Each year at this time we ask the same question—is it September already? Yes, it is! This year, September has a frequency of completion. That means we should be completing all of the mental and physical work we were committed to doing this Summer. Have you done

Learning From Nature

I have spent some time outside these days since it is the only few days that have actually been like Summer. As you know, I like to observe nature and I communicate with the insects, birds, chipmunks, squirrels, frogs, etc. We have a lot of wildlife around here. As I observe, I think about my

Another Media Deception?

In the last few days I have heard rumors that the beheading of the American by ISIS was actually a staged event. Now, from the UK comes this report: Could James Foley have been murdered by ISIS a YEAR ago? New claims over footage of beheading as spies use ‘vein analysis’ to find Jihadi John

I Am Angry!

Yes, I am angry, even though it goes against everything I have taught. I realize that although I have purged a lot of my emotions over the years, there is still more deep down inside of me, which means it is also inside of you. let me delineate what has made me angry of late:

Ritual Sacrifice?

I have stated in the past that when people in high politics, entertainment or Illuminati in general are “promoted” to a new level, a sacrifice is made of a close relative as an offering to the astral entities. Here is what happened yesterday: (CNN) — A car crash in Argentina killed three members of Pope

Freedom Of Speech In America?

Watch this video and let me know what you think. Seems like the media is manipulating what happened and forcing a certain conclusion: All of what is happening in Missouri is a staged event designed to encourage racism and division in the US. Divide and conquer. In all these years, nothing has changed. It

Reptilian Aussies?

Perhaps by now you have seen the awful images of the young Australian boy holding the severed head of some victim in Syria. His mentally ill father took him there to fight with ISIS. The kid is only 7 years old and already a terrorist in the making. But, watch this video about a news

Montauk Day

Well, it started out with a bang. Yes, another heavy thunderstorm rolled in around midnight, shaking things up a bit. Someone needs to change the timing of those things! Not good when you are trying to rest. Today, it is cold and rainy. Once again, feels more like mid-Autumn than the end of Summer. This

Now What!

Yesterday afternoon as we were getting ready for dinner, we heard a loud boom. The house shook. Felt like a little earthquake. We searched around but could not find anything. A bit later, as Janet was taking one of the dogs out for a walk, she saw what happened. A large spring over one of

The Weirdness Continues

I was outside last evening and observing nature as I always do. Then I heard a movement in the low tree in front of my dining room window. I saw a robin with a worm in its mouth sitting on the edge of a nest and feeding baby birds!! It’s August and this should have

Talking About Endings

The month of August 2014 has a dual energy. It is a time period for communications. It is also a time for ending cycles that have been present for a long time. Therefore, we need to talk about endings. This is why we are doing our Summer Intensive on communications. There are many ways to

So That’s Summer, Eh?

Yesterday we had yet another huge storm. This one dropped hail the size of golf balls. Was a bit scary listening to the ice smash against the windows and roof. There was a lot of damage nearby to cars and roof tops. The ground looked white for a bit. Gee, such a lovely Summer! Today

Weird Energy

Last night we experienced yet another storm, not as bad as the last one and no damage that I can see this time. Why do these things always happen at 1a when it is so difficult to see what is happening? All you can hear is the loud thunder, the pounding rain and see the

Blown Away

With all that has been going on in the world and with myself personally, I just have not had a moment to write on this blog. I now have a few moments so will hit it while I can. Please read my articles about the Malaysian Airlines flight and watch the podcast that we just

Update On MH 17

People, remember that on July 17, 1996, TWA 800 was also blown up while flying off the coast of Long Island by a missile observed by a Saudi Airlines pilot who reported this upon landing at JFK. That pilot vanished. Also remember that the next day, famous reporter, Pierre Salinger had a media conference in

Another 777!!

Quite incredibly, another Malaysian Airlines 777 is destroyed, this time over Eastern Ukraine. MH # 17 was en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it was allegedly shot down by a ground to air missile over Ukrainian territory. All 295 people on board are dead as the flight disintegrated at cruising altitude of 32,000

A Mid-Summer’s Night Freeze

Even though it is Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, next week we expect another Polar Vortex that will bring arctic air down on top of the Midwest. This is a Winter pattern that is not supposed to happen now! What do you think, Al Gore? It has been quite a Summer. A derecho storm,


That is what today adds up to numerologically. It is a completion and perfection on all levels. It is also our wedding anniversary. We were also married on a 7-7-7 day. A good day for triple lattice people! So much has been going on in our lives. The last few months have had emotional, mental

UFOs On Mars??

Here is an article and videos about what NASA says are photo glitches or “hot pixels”–whatever that is!  Sure looks like UFOs to me. What do YOU think?? Let usread more

Roll The Stone Away, Let The Guilty Pay

It’s Independence Day! For all of my American readers…. Read the more

Not A Jolie July!

July 2014 has an energy of healing. Really? About 5 minutes after midnight on July 1, we had a “derecho”.  This is a storm native to the Midwest of North America that has hurricane force winds, tornadoes, heavy rain and deadly ground to sky lightning–incessantly! Doesn’t that sound like a fun time?! The storm came

New Connections

Yesterday I had a new computer installed. It is always nerve-wracking for me to have such things done. I’m always concerned about files not making it across, or new computer failure, or any unforeseen events that would make my new computer not work right. But, this time I had the right person helping and it

It’s Almost Summer!

It will soon be the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. That means very long days and warmer temps. The extra light helps things to grow and after the LONG Winter we had, I am actually glad to be wearing lighter clothes and sandals. But, this also has symbolic references. Lighter clothes mean that we

What Is A Father?

Today is Father’s Day in North America and a few other places. Different countries celebrate on different days. As you have heard before, every day should be for honoring parents–yes, even the ones we don’t like. The people who give us the greatest challenges are our most dedicated teachers. I am sure that everyone has

Miracles Happen

As you all know, I went to do a seminar in NYC and then go out to my family on Long Island to see my new grandson. ( See pic on Facebook page.)  The workshop and lecture went very well. Such great people in NYC! The Meta Center is a friendly and helpful location. My

Meeting An Alien

As we get much closer to the staged alien invasion event, we hear from NASA that we can expect to learn of alien life within our lifetime. Duh! There have been aliens here since the world began. They know it, you know it. They just perpetuate the lies in public. We are also moving closer

Communication Aggravation Or Elation?

This past week, Janet was away visiting her family and I was home taking care of everything myself before my own trip. As usual when Janet goes, she leaves me a list of what to do for food, taking care of boys and animals, etc. Well, as you can imagine, things did not exactly go

Making Choices

Since we are all in an “everything” and will be presented with many choices and opportunities, we need to think about how we are going to make those choices. Often, they are presented very quickly and we are put on the spot to decide at the very moment a choice is offered. For example, just

June Is Busting Out All Over….

I am hoping that some of you “older” readers remember that song from years ago. Yes, it was a show tune, but I have no clue from which show it comes. LOL! But, I always think of it every June. I told you that June 2014 will be a “doozy” and I was not joking.

May Be

The end of month is rapidly approaching. June is going to be a doozy, so it is a really good idea to get things in order these last few days before all the you know what hits the fan. During the last 4 weeks, you should have been doing a lot of release work, growing


This weekend and coming Monday are holidays in the US. It is the Memorial Day weekend which officially kicks off the Summer season and vacations. It is a time for outings to the beach, BBQs, graduation ceremonies and even weddings. It is a time to make memories and to remember those who have died in

Life Goes On

After I returned home from Japan, I needed to start my car which had been sitting for a couple of weeks unattended. This vehicle is in a separate garage with an entrance from my backyard. It is also the last home of my wonderful Malamute, Blizzard, who passed from this world the week after I

The Man From Japan

That’s me–home from Japan.  Just wanted to let you all know that I am home as of late last night. It was an amazing trip with so much learned. I discovered definite information linking ancient Japan to ancient Israel. Even words and letters in the language are either similar or identical. The Japanese in the

Oh Me, Oh May-o

I have struggled for a long time with impatience. In the past I have written about how I want everything yesterday. Janet would always tell me that it’s all about the “process” and I should appreciate the experience of allowing the thought-forms to be projected out and Oversoul manifests it is due time, not MY

M Is For The Misery You Gave Me…

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May Health Purge…And Beyond

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What You May Do In May

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An Extra Push

While we are getting ready to start our OMG meeting, followed by the weekend conference, we were talking to a guest that was here for the events. I was discussing my own personal issues and how sometimes, even I feel blocked and fall back on old feelings and depressions. During the conversation–which turned out to

April Brings New Beginnings And…

We are warned daily now about the worst allergy season ever due to the heavy pollens being released after this long Winter. Instead of being outside in the new creations, many have to hide indoors. Isn’t it interesting that the release of new creative material–pollen–the source of new growth, also makes many people have to

Easter, Passover, Hitler’ s Birthday, Oh My!

As the title suggests, this week is a doozy for triggering and activations. To be sure, the Illuminati will not let this pass with no events. Add to this the planetary alignment last week with Earth-Mars-Sun AND the first of the so-called Red Moons, it is no wonder we are seeing sacrifices like the ferry

Melt My Blockages Like April Snow

So many of you responded to the article on blockages. Looks like all of us are experiencing similar issues. Of course! We are all reflections of each other. Today and tonight we are supposed to have more snow! Should be hopefully the last blast of this unending season. I will not shovel because I know


I have been sitting for 3 days trying to write a post on this blog. I have had mental blockages. Sometimes I get a brilliant idea and then when I sit down to write, nothing is there! Has this happened to you lately? It seems like all the energies this month are throwing up walls

Since I Am Grandpa……

From Russia with Love and alcohol…..   read more

My Grandson Is Here!

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I Told You So!

Here is “conventional” info regarding the new Soviet Union! April is a month of double new beginnings. The new Soviet Union is part of that from a global perspective:–/#sp=show-clips Let me know what you think of this. Finland and the Baltic nations are in line with take-over. How does this reflect YOUR personal reconstitution?

April Affirmations: “Re-Focusing Feelings” 07/30

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April “Reversing Hopelessness” 06/30

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April Affirmations: “Re-Focusing Feelings” 06/30

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April “Reversing Hopelessness” 05/30

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Telling Interview

You all need to watch this CNN clip regarding the Malaysian missing flight. I am amazed that they allowed this on the air! Truth from the mouth of a girlfriend of one of the missing people. Listen to the last part in particular:   read more

Rumors And More Rumors

Talk about April being a month of new beginnings! I have been searching the internet and almost daily, there are predictions of what is going to happen within the next 30 to 60 days that will change this planet. I hope that they are not true, but, I also know that they have possibilities. I

West Coast Warning And For Pacific Northwest

Here is an article from the on line magazine– The Economic Collapse. They always have good and accurate info. If you live in LA, the Pacific Northwest, the Rockies or in South America, please read carefully and take seriously: The following are 12 signs that something big is happening to the earth’s crust under North

Those April Showers

Like the song says, those April showers come your way. This year, April is a double new beginning month. It enhances all of the new beginnings from March. However, those “showers” may be residual emotional issues that come raining down on you because they need to be dealt with as extras from the previous month.

March “Monergy” 31/31

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March “Monergy” 30/31

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March “Monergy” 29/31

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Malaysian Airlines Update –You Will Want to Read This One!

Per our last news podcast, guess what was found on the pilot’s flightread more

Observing The News

I have been monitoring all of the global news services for almost the past 3 weeks with regards to the Malaysian Airlines Flight # 370 missing in the Indian Ocean. I have read every possible scenario on conventional as well as alternative sites. I have even received emails from various people around the world giving

I’m Baaaack!

I know you have all been waiting to learn about my experiences in NYC. OK, here it goes…. The lecture at The meta center was wonderful! Over 100 people showed up and they were all very interested in our work. I saw people I had met many years ago in NYC and was so nice

Banishing The Snakes

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. The legend is that he banished all the snakes from Ireland, forcing them into the sea. There is much mystery about this saint. He was kidnapped from Britain at a young age and taken to Ireland as a slave. He escaped, returned home and joined the church. Then he became

If I Can Make It Here…

Today we do our lecture at the Meta Center in NYC. Have not done a presentation in the Big Apple in many years. I used to work here, so many memories come back. The city has changed a lot since those days in the 70s and 80s. yet, many things are still the same–the crowds,

America In 2014

Below is an article from “American Dream” website. It is worth reading, no matter where you live: 55 Things About America You May Not Know By Michael Snyder, on March 10th, 2014 American Flag 2014 – Photo by HARRIS NewsIs America the greatest nation on the planet? Before you answer that question, you might want

Getting Ready

So, I am sitting here in my office looking at my “To Do’ list for what must be accomplished before we leave on Thursday for NY. Of course, we now have a Winter Storm Warning for tonight and tomorrow for heavy snow and high winds! Ugh! Figures. I am sending out energy to make sure

Hope Springs For Spring!

Last night as I was going to bed, I heard coyotes yelping outside in the fields across from my house. Have not heard them since the snow began last October. They have woken up and found food–hence, the howling. Even though the ground is deeply covered still in snow and it is very cold outside,

Russia Today–Brave Comment, With Penalties

On what I consider to be the most honest news program there is, Russia Today allowed a journalist to speak her mind, then promptly punished her by sending her to a war zone: Russia Today anchor speaks out against invasion of Crimea, now faces assignment in Crimea By Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News 9 hours ago


Today I came downstairs after I did my exercise and vitamins etc. I sat in my office and did emails, staring out the window at the still falling snow and wondering if I had to shovel yet again. I knew I wanted to post another article today, but I had brain freeze. Maybe because our

The New Soviet Union Is Here!

Remember when I was in Finland and asked on Finnish TV about making a prediction for that country? I said–the USSR is returning and Finland is in trouble. Russia considers Finland to be a Russian province. Same goes for Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. So, finally here is a CNN article about this topic: Opinion:

The March Of Victory!

Yes, people! It is finally March and the month where Spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere, though you’d never know that looking outside. It’s been brutally cold and more snow coming today! Hopefully it will wait until Janet gets home later. This month of March 2014, is new beginning frequency. That means that things will

A Storm Approaches

Well, Janet made it to Missouri to see her mother, despite many delays on Southwest Airlines, henceforth to be known as –Southworst! They used to be so good, but grew very fast and in my opinion, fell a few notches. Not that they care about my opinion. Anyway, no sooner did she arrive in Missouri

Na Zdrovya!

The video says it all: Now you can understand me. read more

The Process

Some of you have commented that I have not posted an article for a bit. I have been so preoccupied with my own “stuff”, I literally had forgotten. Sorry. I will attempt to be more mindful from now on. I have been going through ups and downs emotionally. Waiting to hear something, then going into

Cleaning An Ending Cycle

You all know what has been going on with me lately, so I will not repeat here. I have been doing my work and things are changing within me. I totally expect that these changes will project out to those with whom I have connected. As part of the process, it was a good time

The Plot Thickens….

Just wanted to give you a quick update on the ex-wife situation. I may repeat myself here, but, I am under stress. Based on the fax that she sent listing the payments and interest amounts, my attorney and my accountant both say that she is keeping secrets. Apparently, based on her own information, the rate

Melting Frozen Fears

It was another difficult emotional day. As you know, I am going to NY in March and want to see my older boys. However, I knew that my ex would also be around, and since I have stopped my voluntary payments on  a student loan which I have since found out will NEVER be paid

Children Update

As many of you know, today is my oldest son’s birthday. After shoveling another ton of snow that fell last night…and still coming down…I spoke to Janet about when to text him. She said to do it now and get it done. So, I texted that I wish him happy birthday and that I love

Solar Winds Or Just Me?

I tried to remain positive lately. I have shared with you about the deep inner pain dealing with my older children. Sometimes I am OK and sometimes not. Today I am not. It is my understanding that there have been recent huge solar coronal ejections and winds that are bombarding the planet now. These may

Happy February!

I am sitting here this morning looking out of my home office window at the snow pouring down yet again. We have already broken the seasonal snow record and it is only Feb.1! According to Accuweather, here in the Great Lakes we will not see any significant warming until mid to late Spring! Well, I


Here in the Great Lakes, by the time we get to February, we are weary of Winter. This season has been a record-maker. Incredible amounts of snow and unbelievable cold. Even I, Mr. Viking-Russian-Bear, am feeling quite weary and cold, even inside. I have gotten frostbite on my toes and fingers, even with 2 pairs

My Depression

It is not easy for me to write this. I sit here watching yet another lake effect blizzard. Schools have been closed since last Thursday and already closed for tomorrow. Police warn everyone to stay off the roads until at least Thursday! It is -20C and dropping with wind chills near -50C tomorrow! I woke

Snow In Southeast Asia–First Time Ever!!

Watch the video about snowfall in Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia! This has NEVER happened before! This comes in the same day as the National Weather Service and Accuweather claiming that 2013 was in the top ten warmest years ever. Really? The Ice Age is here–NOW! They should come toread more

Completing The Completion

As I have written earlier this month, 2014 is a completion year. Time to tie up the loose ends and finish what has been started and left opened for so long. Since returning home from South America and teaching the week long training class, I have been diverted in my efforts at mental work, while

Class Update…

I know I have not been on this site a lot. Teaching the week long training class is quite intensive and takes up most of the day. Add to this the incessant snow and cold which makes me get up extra early and shovel every morning so that the attendees can easily park their cars

Getting Ready

It has been a long and difficult week here in Michigan with brutal temperatures and unending snow and wind chill. Today it is a bit foggy and temps have risen to near freezing. We may even have some rain showers today before snow and cold return tomorrow, though not nearly as bad as it has

Chicago Too Cold For Polar Bears!

Yes, the temps here in the Midwest are even too cold for Arctic polar bears!|main5|dl15|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D427643 Here in Michigan, it is even worse! Today it was prohibited to drive unless a dire emergency! Schools are closed again for Wednesday–the third day in a row, extending the holiday vacation. I tried to shovel in the -32C

Our Weather Forecast

I post this for anyone out there who still believes in global warming: ( From National Weather Service for Southwest Michigan) … WINTER STORM WARNING IN EFFECT UNTIL 7 AM EST TUESDAY… … WIND CHILL WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 8 PM EST TUESDAY… THE WINTER STORM WARNING IS NOW IN EFFECT UNTIL 7 AM

Holy Snow!

Woke up this morning to literally waves of deep snow all over the driveway and grounds. Even the sled dogs could not get through them! I could not open the back door because the lock was frozen and the snow was blocking it. The temperature is now -5F/ -24C and dropping. Still snowing. All schools

It is warmer in Antarctica!

Here is our current forecast of temps in degrees Fahrenheit: Brrrrr…… Plus, add about 2 feet of snow!! Ice age is here!!read more

The Ice Man Cometh!

It is good to be home!! We had an interesting but tiring trip to South America, where the temps were over 100F and humidity to match~! I thought I was going to pass out from sweating every day. But, it was a good detox and cleanser and I lost some weight. Our flight from Chicago

2014 has Arrived!

As I say every New Year–where did the past year go? They say time flies when you are having fun, but I didn’t. LOL! When I think back on all of my experiences this past year, it boggles the mind! This year–2014– is a completion year. It is a time for tying up all the

Thoughts For New Year’s Eve

It always seems to me that the holidays take so long to get here; then when they do, it seems like it was only last week! It always appears to go so quickly. I guess the older we get, the faster time moves. This year, the holidays just don’t “feel” the same. Many people are

I Think I/ You Ate Too Much!

OK, so you over-indulged this past week with all the holiday foods. What can we do about that? During the start of the Winter season and the holiday time of year, we tend to eat more than we should and usually, the wrong types of foods. The average person gains 6 pounds/ 3 kilos during

Appreciation Day Thoughts

Over the years I have written a lot about the Christmas holidays. I found an article that is worth repeating while we are away on a long trip. It is as pertinent now as it was a couple of years ago: This is the big month for buying gifts for people that you may not

Wired Wiring

As always, just before we leave for a trip, everything unexpected starts to happen. As you may remember, last Summer before all of our trips, the pool filter broke, the steam shower went on by itself and would not shut off, the dishwasher broke and the cat had serious health issues. Well, as we prepare

Global Cooling

OK, I just came in from shoveling for the second time today. Since the end of October, here in Southwest Michigan, we have had 59 inches/ 145 cm of snow and temps have been below freezing for a LONG time! More snow and ice on the way. Here is an article with proof of the

Deep In December

It certainly is turning out to be an old fashioned winter around here. Constant snow and cold. Not even officially winter yet and even I am getting weary of the conditions outside. I was so happy this morning that I did not have to shovel snow in the dark. I was up during the night