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  • Expansions News – Praying Mantis Robots, Obama & Mandatory Voting, World’s Deepest Hole
    Shooting with Stewart Swerdlow
    Expansions News – Holocaust “Denial”, Google Grants Eternal Life, Hillary’s Devil Horns
    Friday The 13th!
    Expansions News – Get A Head Transplant, Meet God’s Wife, Take The Treadmill Death Test
    You Can’t Spring Forward
    Do Not Miss Out on These
    Do Not Miss this Webinar!!! Most people do not realize
    Expansions News – Prince William Visits Japan, Madonna Falls Down, Human Leather For Sale
    NTV Polish Television Interview With Stewart Swerdlow 2/27/2015
    Mind Control Survivor: Stewart Swerdlow Interviewed By Alec Cope
    TONIGHT Begins the 3 Day Group Fast Webinar!
    Expansions News – Scotland’s “Named Person” Law, “Fighting” ISIS On Social Media, Frozen Apocalypse
    Expansions Extra – Stewart’s Special Message For Poland
    Expansions News – Mealworm Tofu, Christian Purity, Chocolate Buttholes
    Tonight! 6PM -8PM Eastern Time! Stewart Live! “Ever Beyond Radio”
    OMG Today!
    Happy Birthday, Patricia! Thank you for all you do!
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    Expansions Extra – Interview With “Montauk Chronicles” Creator Christopher Garetano
    Expansions News – Ebola “Mission” Ends In Liberia, Putin’s Asperger Syndrome, Careers In Crap
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    Expansions News – Mars Rover Shadow, Bruce Jenner Transgender, Feds Tracking Motorists
    Link to Stewart’s Coast to Coast Interview!
    60 Minutes Before Air Time! 500,000 Listeners! Coast To Coast and Stewart!
    Only 12 More Hours! Coast to Coast and Stewart! What a Combo!
    Coast to Coast Brings Stewart Back Again! Tonight! Live!
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    Expansions News – Saudi Arabia’s King Swap, “Alien” Spot On Ceres, ISIS Fake Footage
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    Counting the Minutes! Stewart! Live! 10PM Eastern Time!
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    This last week at our “Hyperspace Oversoul Extravaganza” We Introduced
    “Montauk Chronicles” Wins “Philip K. Dick” Award!
    Expansions News – Planets Beyond Pluto, George Soros Funds “Dissent”, Father Marries Daughter
    Day 3! “Hyperspace Oversoul Extravaganza 2015″
    Expansions News – Winter Storm Gorgon, Miss Bum Bum Horror, Bill Gates Drinks Poop Water
    St. Joseph In Winter
    Webinars 2015 1st Quarter Schedule:
    Expansions News – More AirAsia Nonsense, “Bad Luck” Cancer, Driving While Black
    Where Will You Be??
    Affirmations to Transition to 2015
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!
    How DO YOU Want to Grow Emotionally, Mentally & Spiritually in 2015?
    Expansions News – AirAsia Flight “Vanishes”, Sony Hack Inside Job, Bill Cosby & Rape/Race Triggers
    Welcome in the New Year Sale!
    To Truly Launch the New YOU into the New Year
    Holiday Wishes in this Season of Appreciation!
    Another Stewart Interview–Preparing for “FREE YOUR MIND” Conference
    Expansions News – North Korea & Sony, Elon Musk Hyperloop, “Uber” Trigger Code
    In exactly 4 weeks:
    If I Were An Alien…..
    TONIGHT! Janet & Stewart Swerdlow Present their Highly Anticipated Webinar:
    The Countdown to: “Prophecy”!
    Expansions News – Animals Go To Heaven, Florida’s Satanic Capitol, The Queen’s Magic Mushroom
    What Programs Are Running You?
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    Expansions News – Ancient Chinese & Native Americans, Cascadia Faultline Too Quiet, Police Body Cams
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    Expansions News – Cape Verde Volcano, Secret Space Program, Poop Powered Bus
    The Investigators Report Live! Special Guest: Stewart Swerdlow 9PM Eastern Time
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    Expansions News – Nuclear Bombs On Mars, Solar Hibernation & Dark Winter
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    Thursday Night Hear Stewart Live! 8PM Eastern Time
    Expansions News – The New KKK, Putin Hits On China’s First Lady, Turkey Loves ISIS
    Rosetta Stone-Walling
    How is Your Prosperity Punch coming along?
    Satan In A Drink?
    Expansions News – Ukraine Unrest, Transparent Cars, Anaconda Eats Man On TV
    Expansions News – Antares Rocket Fail, Teotihuacan Tunnel Explored, Pope Supports Evolution
    Alien Revelation
    Tonight! Live! Janet & Stewart! FREEDOMSLIPS.COM
    Things to Consider
    How’s Your Polish? Great “Stewart” Article!
    Expansions News – Stewart’s Ebola Crisis, “Shootings” In Canada & WA, Conflict Kitchen
    No Global Warming!
    Kuiper Belt Image?
    Mars Stories
    Expansions News – NASA UFO Hoax, Ebola Vaccine Threat, Poppin’ Poop Pills
    More Imprinting