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    Expansions News – NASA UFO Hoax, Ebola Vaccine Threat, Poppin’ Poop Pills
    Expansions News – New Enterovirus “Threat”, Junk Food Mind Control, ISIS & Staged Alien Invasion
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    Expansions News – US Military “Fighting” Ebola, North Korea Volcano, Strange Jellyfish Creature
    Expansions News – Terrorism Coloring Books, Vampire Therapy, Mind Control Parasites
    October Oversoul + Alien Agenda Intro
    Expansions News – Police Brutality, Robot Sex, Putin’s Arctic
    Expansions News – Lost Hebrew Tribes, History of ISIS, What’s Under Stonehenge
    Expansions News – San Francisco Earthquake, Pope Francis “Dying”, Bullet Bucket Challenge
    Expansions News – Robin Williams “Suicide”, Michael Brown Shooting, Jail Outbreak In Ukraine
    Expansions Healthy Living With Janet – Make Your Own Kombucha!
    Expansions News – ISIS Update, World War III, NASA & Rosetta Probe
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    Expansions News – Plane Crazy: MH17, Taiwan, Air Algerie & More
    Expansions News – Malaysia Airlines MH17 “Crash”, Chikungunya Virus In US, Inspiration Porn
    Expansions News – Yellowstone Road Melts, Summer Snow In France, Obama & The Horse Head Mask
    Expansions News – Jewish Nazi Poster Child, Joan Rivers On Obama, ISIL Crucifies Eight
    Expansions News – Interplanetary World Cup, Titan’s Magic Island, Cheney & Teletubbies (Be Afraid)
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    Expansions Special Edition – Stewart Swerdlow Visits Christ Tomb In Aomori, Japan
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    Expansions Healthy Living – Interview With Clifton Davis Of “Oversoul Creations”
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    Expansions Healthy Living – Mold & Mildew
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    Expansions Healthy Living – Color Codes Part 4: Pale Yellow
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    Expansions Healthy Living – Red Pepper Sauce
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    Expansions Healthy Living – Janet Cooks Pork Loin Roast
    Expansions Healthy Living – The Sugar Controversy
    Expansions Exclusive Interview – The Amazing Spouses Irradia! IS Radiation POSITIVE?
    Expansions News – Olympic “Global Warming”, Antarctic Diamonds, Kids Snorting Condoms
    Expansions Healthy Living – Animal Mind Vs. Higher Mind
    Expansions Extra – Stewart’s Great Wall Of Snow
    Expansions News – Fake Olympic Ring Fail, Marijuana Bake Sale, Breaking Out Of Menstrual Jail
    Expansions Healthy Living – Diets & Permanent Weight Loss
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    Expansions – Happy Appreciation Week!
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