Hyperspace Oversoul Extravaganza – Down Under

 What if you could get all your questions answered about the spirit world, mind-control, and non-human life-forms in one seminar?


Now You Can

- This November-

 “Hyperspace/Oversoul Extravaganza – Down Under”!

Sunday10 November at 1PM through Saturday 16 November at 1PM.

Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm



Stewart will be heading Down Under in November to bring our

Hyperspace Oversoul Extravaganza” To: Perth, Western Australia.



One Week – 7 Days:

Completely Immersed in Hyperspace & Oversoul Work!


        Spend 7 Days Immersed in Hyperspace  & Oversoul Work

         – You will emerge with NEW insight and Self Awareness

         – Facilitated by Stewart A Swerdlow, Renowned expert in

           Hyperspace & Oversoul work.


No one guides you through the intricacies of


            “Hyperspace Oversoul Extravaganza – Down Under”

Join Stewart in this 7 Day Jam-packed week with everything you wanted to know about Hyperspace and Oversoul in one neat, concise, action-filled, experiential learning course…and most importantly, a FUN week!

Experience Humor, Light-heartedness, Laughter and Joy while you dig deep into YOUR
personal Buried Treasure, with High-Minded/High Level Support,

Immerse YOURSELF in YOUR Hidden Inner Knowledge.

Uncover YOUR Secrets and Aptitudes.

Find the Direction of YOUR Life Path.

Pull up YOUR Magnificent Inner Beauty.

           Appreciate YOUR ENTIRE LIFE that brought you to where you are now.

This is Self-Empowerment to the Nth degree

This is YOUR week to turn your life around.

To FINALLY get Your Answers to Your Life-Long Questions.

To get to know YOURSELF.

 Exactly as YOU are.

Without expectation.

Without judgment.

Without criticism.

Without pressure.

Without stress.

            In a way you have never, ever done before.

            This is about YOU.

YOUR Uniqueness.

The Latent
Talents that YOU can awaken.

Your control over YOUR Own Mind.

Experience color, tone and archetype in their purest and most significant form. This triad can change Your life on absolutely every level.

No one, but no one, guides and instructs you like Stewart.

Lively,Entertaining, and always FUN

Because Life “SHOULD BE” FUN!

Life “SHOULD BE” Enjoyable!       

Life “SHOULD BE” the BEST that this Reality has to offer.


And there is always enough “BEST” for everyone…and this includes YOU!

One Week – 7 Days:

Completely Immersed in Hyperspace & Oversoul Work!

“Hyperspace/Oversoul Extravaganza”!

Sunday10 November at 1PM through Saturday 16 November at 1PM.

Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm



Some of what we will cover during the week…

Basics of Hyperspace:                                 You’ll learn what these

                                                                                           symbols mean and more…


•Understand the Language of Hyperspace

•Chakra spinning techniquearch

•T-Bar balancing technique

•Breathing techniques

•Protection techniques

•Oversoul communication

•Colours and their meanings

•Concept of mind-patterns

•The flow Chart of creation

•The flow Chart of DNA

•Release Work techniques

•Growing up the child within

•Green Spiral Staircase exercise

•Hyperspace signatures


You’ll also learn about…


•The Angelic Realm

•Oversoul Communications

•Healing techniques

•How to feel energy

•Basics of psychometry

•Name Analysis techniques

•What are dreams and how to interpret them

•Affirmations and how to create them 3rd

•Higher frequencies and how to use them.

•Physical Exercise and supplement advice


•What is sex and how to use it properly

•How to create whatever you wish into physical reality

•How to merge with all alternate selves in every universe where you exist

•How to speak with the departed

•How to communicate with plants, animals and insects

•The true nature of God-Mind


Learn Scanning Techniques:


•Home Energy scans

•Body Scans

•Simultaneous Existences information and scanning both on and off-world

•Scanning from a distance

•Relationship compatibility scanning

•DNA concepts and analysis

•Ancestry and tracing your lines

•Geographic locators and how to know where in the world you belong

•Attracting better finances

•Home and business scan


Cutting Edge information on:

•Deprogramming techniques

•Current events and True World History,

•Kuiper Belt Activity information and what to expect in future

•Weather manipulation methods

•Use of radionics and Rife machine



 One Week – 7 Days:

Completely Immersed in Hyperspace & Oversoul Work!

Change YOUR Outlook – Change YOUR

Extravaganza – Down Under”!

10 November at 1PM through Saturday 16 November at 1PM.

Mon –
Fri 9am – 5pm



Consultation Dates Perth, WA :


Nov 9th: 9am – 5pm

Nov 10th- 15th: 6pm – 9pm


Nov 16th: 2pm – 5pm

 Nov 17th: 9am – 5pm



Contact us for more information or to register at:

Email: customersupport@expansions.com

Skype: eventsatexpansions

Phone: 0011-1-269-519-8036




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