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2015 Schedule

April 24, 25, 26
St. Joseph, Michigan
Expansions Annual Spring Seminar
Addicted to Addictions: Get Hooked on Health Instead
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April 11 – 12
Bucks County Sheraton Hotel, Pennsylvania
Stewart Swerdlow Lecture
Free Your Mind Conference

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St. Joseph, Michigan

Radionics Workshop

Expansions Annual Fall Conference
Hidden Histories & Mysteries: Digging Deeper

Special Guests: DR. Semir Osmanagic, Discovered Bosnia Pyramids,
Director of Center for Archaeology at the American University in Bosnia
Discoverer and Principal Investigator of Bosnian Pyramid Project
Mary Sutherland, Paranormal Researcher, Tour Director & Author
From Burlington, Wisconsin

January 10 – 16, 2016
Hyperspace/Oversoul Extravaganza
Registration Now Open as Space is Limited
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Summer 2016
Bosnia Spiritual Health & Healing Tour

Expansions Seminars…

All seminars are given by Janet and/or Stewart Swerdlow and take place in Saint Joseph Michigan (90 miles East of Chicago/40 miles North of South Bend Indiana) unless otherwise indicated.


Want to utilize a Unique Energy?

The unique energy of Saint Joseph Michigan, located on the crystal-laden beaches of Lake Michigan, is a natural step-up transformer surrounded by ancient copper mines and the energetic vortex of the Great Lakes. Intense geographic energy to boost and propel your inner work faster and deeper. Experience the strength of this area for major breakthroughs and “ah ha’s!

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