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CUSTOMIZED Personalized Complex Healing Archetype to Enhance YOUR Specific Protection needs.

Complex Healing Archetype Templates are personalized and custom-designed just for you. Each archetype symbol that emanates from your specific mind-pattern is studied and analyzed to determine exactly what needs balancing and strengthening for you to accomplish your goals. You are unique with unique issues contributing to your mind-pattern, so no two templates are alike.

Each Personalized Complex Healing Archetype has “keys” that lock into the archetypes emanating from your current mind-pattern. These “keys” move and adjust the current archetypes in your auric field so that the desired mind-pattern can be installed. Yes, a “forced” mind-pattern change into the one that you consciously want!

You’ll receive a high quality PDF file.

For Additional Savings
A personal consultation with either Stewart or Janet   

Empower yourself with the insight, compassion & wisdom that Janet & Stewart provide in your very own Personal Consultation.

Learn the Keys to YOUR Self & to resolving YOUR Personal Issues.

120 Min  REG: $440    NOW:  $350 email   /  phone: $376.00

 90  Min  REG: $350    NOW:  $260 email  /   phone: $286.00

 60  Min  REG: $260    NOW:  $197 email  /   phone: $223.00

 30  Min  REG: $143    NOW:   $98  email  /   phone: $124.00

Janet & Stewart address all levels of your Being: Body, Mind & Soul.

They are able to read the energies that comprise your Being, the resulting mind-patterns and blockages. They give you the keys to resolving your issues, correcting your mind-patterns and becoming Your True Self in all of Your Magnificence.

* When you first begin working with Janet and Stewart, we highly recommend a 2-Hour or 90-Minute Consultation to get a solid start on your path back to YOU.

To get the most out of your consultation It is recomended that you read/view the following:

“Decoding Your Life”,  “Hyperspace Helper”  & “Hyperspace Oversoul Basics”

The Consultation rates above are only when purchased in conjunction with


 … CUSTOMIZED Personalized Complex Healing Archetype


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