When working to release stuff/mind-patterns/cycles, the old stuff will come up so you can truly look at it, see it for what it is and make the decision to consciously release it & all that it represents.
It is not always easy or pretty. It is easy to step back into the past cycles as it is what you know & what you know how to deal with – sort of. You have survived it to this point.

Stepping into the new visions, ideas, opportunities – into the unknown can be both scary &  unnerving. It can also be exhilarating, requiring that leap of faith in Self & Oversoul.
When releasing, you must replace the old with new & more correct mind-patterns, new visions & ideas. Self Value, Self Deserving, Self Trust, ect. Of course, include violet – protection & pale pink – unconditional love & acceptance always.

12th month of 2013, 12+2013= 9 (in a 6 or 33 year) is all about ending cycles. Step up to it and surpass.

Work through your releasing so you can make the most of 2014, a 7 year. A year for completion, perfection & physical reality!

1st month of 2014, 01+2014 =8 ~ New Beginnings – to complete, perfect & bring into physical reality with Oversoul & high level consciousness.

Need help, support, ect
Our BEST OPTIONS: “Hyperspace Oversoul Extravaganza”, “Day with Stewart”, “OMG 2014″

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