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January Jumpstart 30/31

One more day of Jumpstarting into 2012.  One more day left tomorrow.  I am choosing my activities wisely as I continue to move forward into the new while balancing with releasing the past. I still have a few piles around (besides my desk!).  Like the book shelf in my bedroom –everything is cleaned out, but […]

January Jumpstart 29/31

My desk top is still a mess.  What else is new??  Have a lot of orders for the $9 sale so will need to update the inventory soon.  It is moving out, so that is great that it is going where it is needed and appreciated. Stewart and I continue to plan on the next […]

January Jumpstart 28/31

Another hectic day (have I ever told you about a day that wasn’t hectic??). It started out by not being able to access one of my email accounts due to suspected fraudulent activity—one not tied to I spent the morning on the phone straightening out this situation before dashing out the door for a […]

January Jumpstart 27/31

Finances continue to balance themselves in strange ways.  I told you that December 31 I discussed fraud on one of my credit cards. And I told you that all the money was replaced except still working on the last $180.  Well, interestingly enough this fraud was perpetrated through an old server that we used for […]