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"Energetic Boundaries" 29/30

When you are down and out, sick, tired, overwhelmed, upset, frightened, shocked, your energetic boundaries are not as solid as they need to be. This is the time to kick you because you are already reeling, so the kick simply penetrates your defenses even further. Your adversary isn’t going to wait until you are fit […]

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"Energetic Boundaries" 28/30

“Con” people do this all the time. This is why you don’t recognize them as “con” people.  I even had one person start to mimic my words—a few of which I know that no one really uses, but I like these specific words because I like the frequency. This was one of the “tip-offs” for […]

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Gone to the Dark Side & Proud of It 3/5

I recognized at this point that I had “gone to the dark” side because I have embraced the dark part of my Self and thus, the God-Mind.  The totality of Its richness. The hidden; mysterious; purity; power.  I have looked beneath what most people seek to avoid.  And then dug deeper.  I have embraced all […]

"Energetic Boundaries" 27/30

With awareness that there even IS an issue followed by awareness of what the issue is, comes the next step of standing up for your Self, whatever the situation.  First realizing that others not only invade your energetic space and then extrapolating on to realizing how you “feel” the energetic boundary invasion means you have […]

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