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"Light Your Darkness" 31/31

October 31 Wow! What a month!  We really went from Light to Dark here in the Northern Hemisphere.  I love this time of year when the outer world quiets down and  the hustle and bustle of summer comes to an end.  I love using Nature’s energy to push inward; to find shelter in the quiet […]

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God-Mind Experiencing Itself 4/5

Part 4 When the soul-personality is compartmentalized as much as it deems necessary, either by self or others, then it is time to create another illusion—that of “unification”.  The reverse process happens. As each piece “reintegrates” each cell brings its own unique set of knowledge to add to the whole.  Now, the “pieces come together” […]

Halloween Replay

Last year I wrote an article about the triggers in the world. It has a Halloween theme so I thought I would reprise for you all here. It was originally in the member’s section in October 2012: Over the past couple of years, there has been a huge promotion in film and on television about […]