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Have YOU SEEN the the Addendum to October's Annual Fall Conference?

EVERYTHING OVERSOUL & THE ALIEN AGENDA! PLUS: We will discuss the “Alien Agenda”, one of the hottest Global topics,  based upon our Newest Intensive Research, pulled together from Intelligence Sources from Around the World! Secrets Revealed! 4 Main Types of Alien Beings & their Various Sub-Categories Interdimensional/Ultradimensional Beings & Their Purpose with YOU! Updates on […]

June "Universal Law" 28/30

June 28 “Consciously develop a habit response that allows you to recycle the energy of every experience as it occurs.” Are you aware of your habit responses as they occur? This is one of the most helpful tools that you can use—the more you can release up to your Oversoul and God-Mind as it occurs, […]

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EVERYTHING OVERSOUL October 10th, 11th, 12th St Joseph, MI Oversoul is represented by the color Silver and the number 8 which means Energy/Money as well as Spiritual Enrichment! What a combination!  In this groundbreaking seminar, you will learn what EXACTLY what is an Oversoul and how YOU can make it work for YOU and with […]