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October "Focusing Within My Oversoul Matrix" 31/31

October 31 This has been an interesting and thought-provoking month as we have  discussed your Oversoul Matrix. The purpose is always to help you formulate new questions so that you can continue your own self-exploration and self-investigation.  Your Oversoul Matrix is vast and deep; knowing who and what your specific role at this specific point […]

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Alien Revelation

Below is a video taped by as a death bed confession of a scientist who worked in Area 51 with a high security. This man has passed on in August and this video has recently been released. I found it on Yahoo News, which is a global media outlet. Of course, what he reveals is […]

October Affirmations: "Understanding My Oversoul Matrix" 31/31

You are a unique point in time and space; you are a unique point within your Oversoul Matrix.  You serve a specific purpose within this matrix. Too often, people live their lives wishing to be somewhere else instead of appreciating this specific experience in the Eternal Now. You are a time-traveler within and without your […]

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