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June "Attitudes & Aptitudes" 30/30

June 30 Learn to recognize the negative attitudes that hold you back as well as your aptitudes for negativity so that you can strengthen your character. Learn to recognize your positive attitudes that carry you forward through your inner struggles when you liberate them so that you can access them whenever you want.  Focus on […]

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Michigan Shakes Again!

Well, it’s been a volatile few weeks here in Michigan. We had a moderate quake in May, followed by a series of heavy storms with tornadoes and floods. Then we had a small quake at the Michigan-Indiana-Ohio border. Then, a few days ago we had an odd aurora borealis which should not be happening in […]

"The Ayahuasca Party Crasher" by "Shaman Elizabeth Herrera" with special quote by "Stewart"!

This is an extremely timely article that I thought so appropriate I have to share. Think wisely before you make your choices.  Listen to SOURCE, not to other people. This  is what my July 2015 ‘s blog is about’–“Look to the Spirit”–for guidance. There can be thousands of people proclaiming something the “Truth” but it […]