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Only 2 Days to Go! "Self-Healing Group" Webinar Begins! This is YOUR Time for YOU!

“Self-Healing Group” Webinars Description: To Self-heal, you need a strong foundation. In this on-going group, Janet challenges you to examine your own belief system; to find out what is working and what is not; to find your strengths and use them; to find your weaknesses and strengthen them; to create a foundation that supports you […]

November Affirmations "Safe Space" 30/30

There is only ONE “Safe Space”. This can ONLY be created by YOUR mind-pattern.  You may look “out there” for ways to be safe, but ultimately, you must find “Safe Space” within. Affirmations can boost your own mind-pattern so that you KNOW, in all circumstances, that you are in a “Safe Space”. November 30 My […]

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November "Self-Leadership" 29/30

November 29, 2015 I think that it is really interesting that for most people, simply leading Self for 24 hours in the way YOU want to lead Self is challenging.  I highly recommend that you watch my Webinars on “Fasting” because you will see the process that the participants all go through to gain control […]

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