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May "Self-Success" 31/31

May 31, 2016 Positive Self-Success is a process.  When you realize what you are already successful at in a negative way, you can put that energy toward moving more into positive Self-Success.  I really enjoyed reading your posts of your positive Self-Successes. The more you develop your “attitude of gratitude” the more you open the […]

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May "Self-Success" 30/31

May 30 2016 You may have seen the story that is going around the Internet about the Australia woman who was out swimming at night when she and her friend felt something bump against them. Then, the one woman was pulled under the water and gone. According to news reports, there are signs posted all […]

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"Arvisuras" Gold Tablets -Watch Stewart in Europe Meeting Istvan/Steve Locse For the First Time!

Wow! What do you think? Hungarian Researcher Istvan/Steve Locse talks to Stewart while Stewart is in The Netherlands. Here is there first conversation. Istvan explains these ancient tablets to Stewart, saying that Stewart’s research matches up with these tablets!  This leaves me wanting more! I can’t wait to hear what they will talk about on […]