Alpine Clear Health & Healing Tour 2019

Start Planning NOW for a Life-Changing Adventure!

Journey up into the Power of the Mountains to develop your own inner Prosperous World, increase your Energy and Heighten Your Own Spiritual Connections.

Do you want to:

  • Clear up your life?
  • Clear out your issues?
  • Clear your health, wealth, relationships and happiness?
  • Clear your Personal Connection to your Source?
  • Intimately work with “Clear Energy” in one of the “Clearest Places on Earth”?

Then this is the Spiritual Tour for YOU!

In the Cottian Alps, the air is clear, the smells are clear and you can drink the clear mountain water right from the streams. The Mountains are Power Points, reflecting your own internal Power Points. Re-set, Regenerate, & Rejuvenate! Go to the Mountains to leave what no longer serves you; eat and drink from the Mountains what you thirst and hunger for. Allow your inner food and drink to come from your own personal mountain/power point.   No wonder the Ancient Waldensians chose this area in which to settle. You are going to walk the very same paths that these direct descendants of the Apostles walked.

Alpine Clear 2019 Dates

June 15: Leave Milan morning of June 15 to go to the Mountains approximately 11am local time.
June 22: Return from the Mountains to Milan the morning of June 22 approximately 10am local time.
The trip from the Mountains to Milan takes several hours.  Last year we stopped in Torino for a few hours.
For these reasons it is highly suggested that you arrive Milan June 14 and depart Milan late June 22 or June 23.
                       Suggested Hotel in Milan:
It is a little bit more expensive, but if you stay on the Executive floor you receive a nice breakfast as well as evening snacks and beverages.
If you want to share a room, please contact Patricia and she will connect you if there are others also wishing to room-share.
Your airfare to and from Milan,  Milan hotel and food in Milan are NOT included in the tour.

Last years itinerary, have a look

Day 1 – Arrival. You will be picked up by small van at Milano-Malpensa Italy airport. Drive to Hotel Palavas, your “home away from home” and Welcome Dinner

Day 2Waldensian Museum at Rora Lunch at Janet’s cousin’s Aunt Elsa’s Agriculture Tourism’s restaurant on the Mountain above Rora, “Agriturismo La Palà” Visit Stone Quarry –Waldensians still work with the stone the same as they did when YOU were a Waldensian

Day 3Torre Pellice, Waldensian Headquarters, visit Waldensian Museum and wander the town Angrogna Lunch at “Trattoria Sonagliette”, the restaurant of Janet’s cousin Aunt Serena

Day 4– Bobbio Pellice/Monument of Chanforan Hike and lunch at Rifugio Jervis

Day 5Prali with picnic lunch Ride on “13 Laghi” Ski Lift and hike – video

Day 6 – Clots di mian, Balziglia Hike on “The road of the Waldensians” and picnic lunch

Day 7 – The Fenestrelle, also known as the “Great Wall of Europe” built by many imprisoned Waldensians , Lunch at Rifugio Selleries

Day 8 – Depart. You will be taken by van to Milano-Malpensa Italy airport.

PLUS: These tours are still being arranged—both factories are only 15 minutes from Hotel Palavas: Water Factory in Angronga that supplies the Clearest water around the world from the Angrona River Chocolate Factory—Waldensians brought you what is now known as “Nutella”!

Alpine Clear 2019

Start Planning NOW for a Life-Changing Trip

Don’t miss out, make a non-refundable Deposit of $530

 Summer 2019 costs still being finalized

Euros can be purchased at the airport upon arrival in Milan. Exchange rates can be, however airport exchange rates may vary from this site.

Please note all prices in EUROS to be paid in person in Italy.

All food locally sourced and organic!

Approximate Costs:

Hotel Palavas: 710 Euros, 7 nights lodging, 7 breakfasts, 7 dinners, 2 picnic lunches
Other meals: ~100 Euros (approximately, depending upon your choice of food)
Activities: ~50 Euros (Museums, Ski lift, Fenestrelle)
Transportation: 620 Euros – ONLY 5 spaces left in the Van
Tour Fee: 1070 Euros
Proof of Trip Insurance and Medical Insurance Required.

ONLY 1 Seat Left in the van!  

We will create a waiting list if there are enough people we will get a second vehicle.

Final day to register is April 30, only  a month away

Questions Please contact Patricia: [email protected]

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