Do you have buried issues that you need to pull to the surface; issues that unbeknownst to you adversely affect your everyday life?
Physical food and drink represent nonphysical food and drink.


Ingesting harmful food and drink represents ingesting harmful thoughts.
Fasting is an ancient way of removing toxicity from body, mind, and spirit.

 Gaining Control over Your Food and Drink Sets the Mind-Pattern that says:

“I NOW Gain Control Over MY Life.”

 Join Janet on the Members Blog for a
24-36 Hour Group Fast
Begins Sunday, August 21st

Janet says:
For several years I fasted for 36 hours 1x per week.  It really is a good mental exercise and the body follows.  It is a great way to keep your body in check as well as learn to listen to it. If you have any food that is controlling you, it is a time to re-establish that YOU rule your body; not vice versa.

“Fasting & Detoxification” Webinar (included) is recommended viewing prior to the start of the fast. 
After viewing, devise your fasting plan and post on the Members Daily Blog.  You can post your Questions & Goals and Share your Experiences and Progress and get feedback.

You can fast from:
Negative thinking, Negative people, Negative words, Self-criticism, A specific food or drink that has control over you.
All food and all drink except water. Or, any variation thereof.

 All for ONLY $35.00


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