We meet for dinner with our OMG (Oversoul Mastermind Group) members!
Then OMG Class/Meeting/Brainstorming on Friday!
It will be great to see everyone in person again!

What a Kick Start to our Kiuper Belt Conference Weekend, beginning Fri Evening at 7pm.

What is the Kuiper Belt and what does it have to do with you?

Stewart, Janet, and their Oversoul Mastermind Group have been privately researching this gathering of alien beings on the outer rim of the Milky Way Galaxy for the past 2 years.

In doing so, the information that they have compiled has positively and exponentially changed their lives…and now this information is going to change yours.

An outgrowth of this research includes:

New protection techniques
New manifestation techniques
New inner communication techniques
New All-That-Is exploration techniques
New Archetypes and MORE.

This is the first time this information is being made public.

You are invited to join this Elite Group of Dedicated Hyperspace/Oversoul in enlivening discussions that will bring you to your next pinnacle of awareness of your place on this Planet and within the Multiverse.
For Reservations for the Conference
Contact Patricia:

Phone:  269-519-8036
Email: [email protected]
Skype: eventsatexpansions