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Part 3

6.      Repeat with Self

Most likely, you are angry with yourself on some level for allowing the situation to have occurred.

Some part of you thinks that you could have/should have prevented the situation. Put yourself up into the Oversoul level and do the releasing work as described in Step #1, and so forth.

When you come to Step #5, use the following affirmation:

 I forgive myself for all that I did, consciously and unconsciously, to allow the situation to occur.

 As with others, if you cannot say this statement and mean it, continue going back to Step #1 until you can.

 Whatever you hold onto prevents you from moving forward.

This is because you cannot experience something new until you have emptied out the old.

You only have room for “x” number of experiences within your auric field. If you are filled up, so to speak, you must pour something out to prepare for the new to enter.

Think about your choices, and the results of each.

What path can you take that will quicken the journey toward your goal?

Who is blocking your path?

Is it you?