I want to share a very cool story told to me by a Hawaiian native who was my classmate and friend.  This story to me demonstrates what the strength of our mind pattern can truly do and also the stunning intelligence of dolphins.  This friend of mine is named Curtis and he had a friend who borrowed money from the wrong people.

Curtis grew up in Hawaii down the street from Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, known as “Brother Is” the Hawaiian musician, entertainer and Hawaiian sovereignty activist.  His friend lost a lot of money that he borrowed by gambling.  The men he borrowed from came to collect his debt and when he did not have it they decided to take his life instead.

The men did what I was told by Curtis to be a very standard thing for failing to pay back a debt.  They took his friend out on a boat a very long distance and then left him in the water for dead knowing that there is no way he could ever swim back to shore.  He swam as far as he could but was eventually so exhausted that he could not go any further and was certain he would drown.

Sometime between when he lost hope of surviving and before drowning, a dolphin swam by and let the man grab onto it’s fin.  Then, the dolphin swam the man close to shore before letting him go and swimming away.

So, if you ever find yourself in trouble in the ocean.  Use dolphin frequency and call a dolphin! 🙂


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