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About the author: Jonathan J. Swerdlow

Jonathan Swerdlow grew up in an international community where he was exposed to individuals from all worldly backgrounds. Additionally, he spent most of his life traveling the world, engaging in eclectic activities including sailing to Antarctica, studying religion in Turkey and Tunisia, and accidentally participating in a crystal skull ritual in underground tunnels deep beneath the mountains of Bosnia.

Jonathan has a formal education in computer science, mathematics, and photography. For most of his life, he worked as an academic researcher, giving talks and lectures in addition to having his work published in peer-reviewed journals. Jonathan has since left behind his life in academia, moving to Iceland where he now pursues creative endeavors.

His interest in art began with photography which was originally meant as a hobby. This hobby grew into a passion, leading Jonathan to spend considerable time in Europe. During this period, he discovered a love for writing, starting with poetry, then prose — an influence that can be seen in all his written work.

As an artist, Jonathan’s motivation is to capture other worlds. As an author, he seeks to create a human world. Utilizing his life experience for perspective, his goal is to inspire others to find meaning and purpose in caring about both themselves and others. Above all else, he seeks to inspire understanding through self-reflection. By encouraging people to explore their inner world, Jonathan hopes to create a more human world.


Books released:

You, Man, Emotion

Between The Lines


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