There is an abundance of information to be found about kidneys, adrenal glands and hormones. Adrenal fatigue is commonly spoken about and attributed to chronic stress. It’s diagnosed particularly after mid age when the body’s production levels of DHEA begin to reduce.

This is a chicken and egg situation. Which comes first, stress on the adrenal glands or natural depletion of DHEA? And is there really natural depletion or is that just something that we’ve been told to accept as we age?

I’ve been researching this topic and pruning it down to the bare essentials and as you can see, the more I delve the more questions I begin to ask.

DHEA supplements are becoming more common and here in Australia we require a specialist in order to obtain a prescription. It’s true, in the US it can be bought off the shelf!

Does taking DHEA improve adrenal function?

When I was tested for adrenal function I had to give daily saliva samples. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Filling a small vial with saliva, no bubbles, was a skill that didn’t come naturally to me. I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, put on 7-keto-DHEA as well as bio-identical hormones. I didn’t like the bio-identical hormones and I don’t care what they’re called, they did not feel correct and I stopped using them.

Chronic stress was certainly an issue for me and I can trace it back to early childhood. Stress had become a way of life and most of society can say the same.

I believe it comes back to the mind. If you can relax your mind, your body will follow.

What essential oils can be used to support the kidneys and adrenal function?

Basil essential oil was used historically for kidney ailments. Today, it’s used to stimulate nerves and the adrenal cortex, which is the outer lining of the adrenals. Support from nervous tension and enabling sleep. In French medicine, Basil is used to regulate a scanty menstrual cycle, and to give support from mental fatigue.

Rosemary is used to stimulate the immune system and support from nervous exhaustion. It can be used for kidney infection and low blood pressure (talk to you doctor). In French medicine it’s used to balance an irregular menstrual cycle and give relief from nervous/mental fatigue.

Lavender is used for calming and balancing the body’s systems. Used for lowering blood pressure (talk to your doctor) and supporting women through menopause.

Thyme can be used for supporting the body from nervousness exhaustion.

Manuka can be used for anxiety, nervous exhaustion and relaxation.

Copaiba is great for the nervous system along with Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Frankincense and Ylang Ylang.

Any of the oils that assist with sleep and relaxation are going to be supportive.

How often do you bring your work home with you?

Are you able to go on a holiday and not worry about work or home?

Does ageing worry you?

Have you tried any hormone replacement therapies?

Do you wait until you have an issue before you do something about it?

Or do you prefer to preventative measures?

If so, what type of preventive measures do you use?

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