A lot of people have told me that if someone doesn’t like the scent of a particular oil then that means they need it.  Dr Hill raised this topic himself at this years Australian Convention, and I’m sure he’s discussed it at other times too. His view is that if you really don’t like an oil then using it is going to cause stress and that is not desirable.

The first time I used patchouli I didn’t just inhale it, like I’d usually do, I applied it to my face. What a mistake that was! and yes, it caused me stress. I didn’t like it at all. Consequently I avoided patchouli long afterwards. What was I going to do with an oil I couldn’t stand the smell of? Pretend it didn’t exist! Though, there it was, every time I opened my drawer full of oils.

My response to patchouli was extreme and I was unable to observe any other actions it had within my body. It was a long time before I ventured there again.

I’ve spoken about the blend Whisper quite a bit. I love it! I caught up with a friend one day and when I gave her a hug she commented about the fragrance I was wearing. I spoke of the musky scent, she smelt patchouli. …what?! I had read the ingredients list on Whisper, but clearly hadn’t paid attention. There is was.. patchouli.

So one day I pulled out that bottle in the back of my drawer, opened the lid and inhaled. The scent was somehow different.. I went and lay down and ohh… patchouli lifted and released frozen emotions. Everything fell into place then.

I was taught as a child to suppress my emotions and my self work as an adult has led me to delve deep within into those emotions. This can be scary business! and it’s no wonder I had such a stress response to patchouli the first time I used it.

The combination of ingredients in Whisper coupled with the fact I was wearing it every day, is what enabled me to work through this issue and reach the point where I no longer respond in stress to that one ingredient. It was helping me all along to unravel my fear and frozen emotions to the point where I am able to look at them neutrally.

What does this mean for you? You may be thinking you like patchouli and what!? it lifts frozen emotions? or you may be thinking of another scent you don’t like and wondering why that is.

We all respond differently to essential oils because our past experiences are different. As a child you may have had to sleep in a bedroom filled with the scent of lavender whenever you stayed at your grandparents place and now you can’t stand lavender or maybe that’s why you love it. Who knows? Only you do.

It’s common to want to avoid stress. After all, we’re subjected to a variety of stresses every day without realising the full extent of it.

There are people out there, including me, who observe a ‘negative’ response within themselves and want to find out what’s going on. Rather than hiding from it and avoiding it, we delve in and dig it out. I’m not saying this is the correct thing for everyone to do. It’s the correct thing for me to do.

If I had persisted with exposing myself to patchouli after that first application directly to my face, I might have set up a potential life long hatred of that oil along with issues from the stress response. There is a time and place for everything and my journey is different to your journey.

Going back to Whisper. I LOVE this blend! and that’s an extreme response too. Because it’s a ‘positive’ response few people would label it as a stress response, but that’s exactly what happens in the body. The difference with these positive responses is we want to hold onto that feeling for as long as possible and after a while we find ourselves looking for greater hits to re-experience it. I’ve stopped using Whisper as I found I was no longer getting that wonderful feeling when inhaling it. I had begun by using it diluted to applying it neat. I could no longer smell it, but everyone else could!

I see people reaching for the same blend repeatedly. We’re actually looking for emotional balance, not that high, loving, feel good feeling. That won’t last and there’s only way to go from being high. That’s right, down. Essential oils don’t create feelings, they enable balance and in releasing what’s out of balance, other feelings appear to be created.

I’ve noticed this in oils I use. They can release certain emotions, but in doing so they can also stimulate other emotions. What happens depends entirely on the state you are in when you use a particular oil.

Balance is what we unconsciously search for and there are a range of oils that can assist with achieving that. Notice I say a range of oils. I’ve had this question come a lot. Why are there so many oils that do the same thing? Which one do I choose?

That depends upon your particular circumstances and there is a beauty in knowing there are so many oils that can achieve a similar effect. This gives us choice. It gives us the variety that is important for our health. Explore the oils, discover what they do for you.

We form relationships and communities in this growing world of oils so that we can share all of these experiences and learn from each other.

Do you want to join this community too?

What are your experiences?

Which are your favourite oils for emotions? and why?

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