We’re heading into cough/cold/flu season here in Australia and the sudden change in temperature has precipitated this. My father was coughing slightly one day and I asked if he was coming down with something. No. The next day he told me he was fine, but suddenly that evening he complained he had a head cold. He was frustrated because he didn’t know where he’d picked it up. I immediately had him using OnGuard on his feet and Easy Air (Breathe – depending where you are in the world) on his chest.

The next day he had a full blown cold. Out came the armoury in the form of:

Thyme – anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-septic, anti-viral, stimulant.

Rosemary – anti-viral, respiratory decongestant, expectorant, mucolytic, digestive stimulant.

Lavender – anti-septic, anti-spasmodic, anti-viral, calming/soothing

Peppermint – anti-tussive, anti-spasmodic, decongestant, expectorant, common cold, sinusitis, flu.

Peppermint has the ability to release a blocked nose and, as I’ve learnt, dry up a runny nose. It also has the ability to drive oils deeper into the cells. There is scientific evidence for this, but for now, that’s the easiest explanation.

Dad began by putting one drop each of thyme, rosemary and lavender into a hot mug of water and inhaling the steam. He likes to put a towel over his head to create a more intense environment. 2mins on and off intervals, until you’ve had enough. The peppermint he chose to inhale directly from the bottle as needed.

He was feeling such relief with this he was doing it 3 times a day, probably a bit much in hindsight. He was also taking the Breathe drops, which he really likes. I’m taking the OnGuard drops as I see see him most days and these things tend to strike me in the throat first. Plus I apply OnGuard oil to the soles of my feet morning and night. Take caution here as I’ve heard of more than once of people finding OnGuard too strong and dehydrating. Not for me. Dad uses it as the Touch Roll On Blend which is suitable for children and sensitive people.

He went from a niggling cough to full blown head cold, to flu symptoms of aches and pains to getting his appetite and energy back all within 4 days. Wow!

However, that’s when it all changed and he began hocking up loads of mucus. I wasn’t worried, but just today he confronted me with the belief that the oils were doing this. Yes and no.

What is happening is Dad has gone into a healing crises. He’s 83 and has a history of low immunity which would lead to annual pneumonia, then double pneumonia. I recall as a teenager lying in bed at night wondering if we’d wake up to find Dad alive. Why he never went to hospital is beyond me. This means he has years of antibiotic use which only suppress symptoms.

I’m grateful that Dad understood this and I told him to slow it down and do this at his own pace. He told me he will only use the oils once daily and see how it goes. Such trust and understanding from a traditional male of his age! I do love my Dad!

For a more gentle approach the quantity of oils could be doubled in a diffuser and used all day or night, but he doesn’t want that.

What do you do when you don’t feel well?

Would you push on a healing crises and see it through? or slow it down and maybe let it go in order to feel better faster?

What mind pattern does cough, cold, flu represent to you?

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