Expansions Annual Spring Healing Conference

“Finding Your Frequency”

What Frequency Resonates with You and Why

Mineral, Plant, Insect, Animal, Alien, Interdimensional

Understanding the Oversoul Matrix & God-Mind

To Understand YOU 

Saint Joseph Michigan – April 25th, 26th, 27th


Early Bird Special: $350.00 ( Reg: $495 )

Or Bring a Guest:  2 for 1 pricing: $495 total



What is your place within the overall scheme of the God-Mind?

Where do you come from and what emanates from your mind-pattern that creates this Earth plane of existence and beyond?

Is this from programming or is this your natural predisposition?

How can you benefit from these specific energies as well as make them work for you?

Get the answers to these questions & more….

Register NOW as spaces always go fast!

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