“EVERYTHING OVERSOUL  Plus the Alien Connection”

Here are some helpful tips on getting here:

Always plan how you are getting from the airport to St Joseph/Benton Harbor first.
Then plan your flight to insure you arrive with enough time to get to your car rental, Amtrak or Greyhound stations accordingly.

Remember that Illinois is on Central Time – 1 hr earlier than Michigan which is on Eastern Time. So, plan for the 1 hour time difference.

If you rent a car it makes getting here much easier.

There is public Transportation from Chicago to St Joseph but it is limited.

Amtrak and Greyhound both come to St Joseph/Benton Harbor. If you want to use them you will need to schedule your flt around the train or bus schedules.
Arriving in the morning is the best option.

Allow adequate time from your arrival time to get to either Amtrak, Union Station or Greyhound at 95th & Dan Ryan before their departure times.
Amtrak runs once in the late afternoon. It is the most direct option.  You can walk from the St Joseph station to either The Boulevard Inn or Silver Beach Hotel.  Or a short Taxi ride to other hotels.
Greyhound has 2 early morning runs & one mid-afternoon to Benton Harbor, a short taxi ride to any of the hotels.

There are CTA (Chicago Transportation Authority) trains from both airports to the downtown Chicago area near both Amtrak & Greyhound.

If possible, I recommend flying into Midway as it is easier to navigate and much closer to downtown Chicago (approx 25 miles cab fare vs O’Hare approx 65 miles, again there is a CTA  stop at both airports for transportation to downtown).



CTA trip planner:

Contact Patricia for driving & hotel information
Phone – 269-519-8036 (USA)
[email protected]
Skype – eventsatexpansions
*International callers please make an appointment to call or skype

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