As you work at Re-Integrating YOUR Core Personality and Reclaiming YOUR Life, here are 2 of Stewart’s most Popular Personalized Reports to help you in your goal:

The Complete Body Scan  allows you to correct any potential health problems – both known and unknown – before they manifest in physical form. Stewart uses his tremendous mental abilities to scan each Chakra Band of your body and determine your areas of concern.

After Stewart scans all your Chakra Bands, he explains the mind-pattern that created the issue in the first place and suggests a variety of mental and physical exercises along with dietary and supplemental nutrients to improve those areas. Use your Complete Body Scan to answer your health questions and help direct your body into a state of optimal physical balance.

Programming Scan  tells you specific programs that are active or dormant within you so that you can take control over them, before they take control over you. Learn which programs most affect you and what deprogramming techniques work best for you so that you are not at the mercy of outer or inner triggers.IF YOU WANT TO GET CONTROL OVER YOUR LIFE AND ARE SERIOUS ABOUT RELEASING YOUR DEEPEST ISSUES, THIS IS THE SCAN FOR YOU!


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