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Programming Scan

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The Programming Scan tells you specific programs that are active or dormant within you so that you can take control over them, before they take control over you. Learn which programs most affect you and what deprogramming techniques work best for you so that you are not at the mercy of outer or inner triggers.


  • Do you want to know if you specifically or generally programmed?
  • Do you experience buzzing, humming, high-pitched noises, or voices in your head?
  • Have you had out-of-body experiences, strange body markings, missing time, or abduction dreams/experiences?
  • Do you have an aversion to, or an affinity for such things as flashing lights and rotating fans?
  • Do you have repetitive dreams of escalators, ladders, slides, or elevators?
  • Do you have feelings of loneliness, isolation, depression, or suicide; irrational fears, paranoia, anxiety, inability to focus or set goals?
These are just some of the symptoms that people who are programmed may experience.
Find out once and for all exactly what is happening to you and how to stop it.
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