Preston Nichols & Montauk Updates; Lake Okanagan’s Ogopogo; Ancient Swiss Cyborg

Preston Nichols & Montauk Updates; Lake Okanagan’s Ogopogo; Ancient Swiss Cyborg

In The News

As Much of the World Celebrates Easter this weekend

Don’t be pulled into the Programming. Don’t resurrect Old Programming! Release Savior Programming & Slave Mentality! Use the Frequency of the “Holiday/Ritual” to Your Advantage Resurrect your True Core Self and Renew your True Goals in this Reality Expansions’ IS...

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The Fate Of The World Is Today


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When You Vote….

[PANIC IN DC] If you witness members of ANTIFA or any other people or organizations stationed at 'key' voter locations making threats or attempting to use scare tactics [voter intimidation] please contact local authorities immediately and report the incident(s)....

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Who Will You Vote For?

D's Are the Real Racists 2399 Q!!mG7VJxZNCI3 Nov 2018 - 3:38:22 PM DbjsnHhU8AAXGpx.jpg Who are the real racists? [2016 Democrat Nominee for President of the United States]...

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Montauk Memories

It has been 48 years since the start of the Montauk Project. Most of the original people are dead. But, there are still a very few of us who remain, somewhat damaged, but still walking…or trying to. A few months ago, I write here that Duncan Cameron, my oldest friend on this Earth, was not […]

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Health Partners

Jade Machine

You may purchase the Jade Machine via SMOKH as long as you state that you are an Expansions Referral.

Contact: Dame Susan McWilliams [email protected]

Be sure to mention that you are an Expansions’ Referral.

You can also, read more about the applications of the Jade Machine via one of our

“Love, Money and Purpose” VIP experts


Also see our Radionics Boxes 


 Far Infrared Sauna

“One of our best investments!  Plus, when our thermostat went out on our sauna, it was replaced without charge. In fact, we were told if we had to hire an electrician to do so and send them the bill.”—Janet & Stewart

The far infrared sauna is great for detoxing heavy metals and parasites as well as stimulates the immune system.  The light combats winter depression. The company is great and stands behind their products.  Great customer follow-up care and service.  Easy to assemble.  Beneficial for all.  You receive automatic $500 discount when you mention that you are an Referral.  [email protected]

ProArgi9+ to increase vascular blood flow

Stewart and Janet will ONLY take this brand of  L-Arginine because it is the best on the market today! “We use this every day in the ‘Mixed Berry’ Flavor, and rely on the individual serving packets when traveling.  We never skip a day and believe that everyone should be on it, whether for maintenance or therapeutic doses.  Enhances vascular health and tastes great!”  Contact Deborah (510-325-0973) or [email protected] Deborah suggests calling or emailing her before ordering to customize your ProArgi9+ size and dosage and here is another great article that you will want to read which says that ProArgi9+ is published in the 2016 Physicians’ Desk Reference:

Clean Water Revival, Inc.

CWR supplies custom designed water and air filtration equipment solutions to create healthy indoor environments.  Their goal is to eliminate toxic air and water contaminants in your home to assist you in a healthy and healing living environment as well as prevent any further bioaccumulation.  Special attention is given to chemically sensitive and immune deficient individuals to achieve complete removal of all toxic contaminants using only non-extractible filter materials and equipment. Some items may be purchased directly from the website.

Phone:  800-444-3563 Ext. 4001 or 4004

PROMO CODE EXPAN for website or phone order discounts.

RIFE Machines built right here in Michigan

Technically still a research tool, “True Rife” is a fascinating way to combat illness and build the body using frequency.  Janet and Stewart have used “True Rife” machines for many years, recommending them to clients for ongoing wellness benefits.  These machines are built right here in Michigan.  purchase via [email protected]

2020 Alpine Clear Tour

Alpine Clear 2020 – Summer 2020 (Postponed 2021)

Start Planning NOW for a Life-Changing Adventure!

Postponed until June 2021, due to the COVID-19 situation.

Dates to be announced

8 nights, 8 dinners, 8 breakfasts and 2 picnic lunches
Journey up into the Power of the Mountains to develop your own inner Prosperous World, increase your Energy and Heighten Your Own Spiritual Connections.
Do you want to:
  • Clear up your life?
  • Clear out your issues?
  • Clear your health, wealth, relationships and happiness?
  • Clear your Personal Connection to your Source?
  • Intimately work with “Clear Energy” in one of the “Clearest Places on Earth”?

 Then this is the Spiritual Tour for YOU!  In the Cottian Alps, the air is clear, the smells are clear and you can drink the clear mountain water right from the streams. The Mountains are Power Points, reflecting your own internal Power Points. Re-set, Regenerate, & Rejuvenate! Go to the Mountains to leave what no longer serves you; eat and drink from the Mountains what you thirst and hunger for. Allow your inner food and drink to come from your own personal mountain/power point.   No wonder the Ancient Waldensians chose this area in which to settle. You are going to walk the very same paths that these direct descendants of the Apostles walked

In 2020 we will be staying at Trattoria Piani Prarostino / Residence La Grengia


Here’s an example itinerary
Day 1 – Arrival. You will be picked up by small van at Milano-Malpensa Italy airport. Drive to your “home away from home” and Welcome Dinner
(The hotel this night not included in tour pricing)
Day 2Waldensian Museum at Rora Lunch at Janet’s cousin’s Aunt Elsa’s Agriculture Tourism’s restaurant on the Mountain above Rora, “Agriturismo La Palà” Visit Stone Quarry –Waldensians still work with the stone the same as they did when YOU were a Waldensian
Day 3Torre Pellice, Waldensian Headquarters, visit Waldensian Museum and wander the town Angrogna Lunch at “Trattoria Sonagliette”, the restaurant of Janet’s cousin Aunt Serena
Day 4– Bobbio Pellice/Monument of Chanforan Hike and lunch at Rifugio Jervis
Day 5Prali with picnic lunch Ride on “13 Laghi” Ski Lift and hike – video
Day 6Clots di mian, Balziglia Hike on “The road of the Waldensians” and picnic lunch
Day 7 – The Fenestrelle, also known as the “Great Wall of Europe” built by many imprisoned Waldensians,                 Lunch at Rifugio Selleries
Day 8 – Depart very late on Sunday June 21  or plan on leaving the next morning Monday June 22 You will be taken by van to Milano-Malpensa Italy airport.
PLUS: Chocolate Factory—Waldensians brought you what is now known as Nutella!
Euros can be purchased at most airports. Exchange rate approximations can be viewed at
 Please note all prices in EUROS to be paid in person in Italy. 
All food locally sourced!
 Approximate Costs:
Trattoria Piani Prarostino / Residence La Grengia:
~ 710 Euros, 8 nights, 8 Dinners, 8 breakfasts, 2 picnic lunches
Other meals: ~100 Euros (approximately, depending upon your choice of food)
Activities: ~50 Euros (Museums, Ski lift, Fenestrelle)
Transportation: ~ 620 Euros
Tour Fee: ~ 1070 Euros
*Proof of Trip Insurance and Medical Insurance Required!
 Questions, Please contact Patricia: [email protected]
We will create a waiting list if there are enough people we will get a second vehicle.

Alpine Clear 2020

Start Planning NOW for a Life-Changing Trip

Don’t miss out, make a Commitment to Your Self Growth!

Non-refundable Deposit $530 reserves your space

This Trip fills fast! Make your Deposit TODAY to ensure your seat!

See Memories Alpine Clear Tour 2019 

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