love without within

When we meet a new potential partner we often experience an overwhelming inner excitement that’s warm, joyful and overflowing. This is what people refer to as love and it waxes and wanes.

What happens when we meet someone we like is we see all of their positive attributes and that draws us in closer. After time we begin to see attributes that we don’t like and classify those as negative. The more we get to know them the more negatives we often see.

The positives that drew you in the first place are those things that you like about yourSelf. That’s why we get along with other people, because we find we have things in common and that makes us want to spend more time with them.

As you know, no one is consistent with their emotions and we exhibit a range of personality traits even over the course of one day. Once you start encountering those attributes within another that you don’t like, that’s because they’re the aspects within you that you don’t like. Honestly, do you truly like everything about yourself? Those things that we don’t like are often suppressed, but just look around and you’ll see them being reflected back at you.

When I first moved back with my parents my world was turned upside down. I’d never encountered such fear and that’s just the start of it. It’s now Dad and I and neither of us find it easy to live with the other. Things are becoming smoother and I can honestly say that’s a result of all the digging I do within. Dad is aware that he’s had to compromise and change and he likes to tell me how much he loathes change and I’m the reason he’s had to. This doesn’t bother me as it hasn’t been easy for me either.

He is very self centred and doesn’t consider anyone else’s feelings. I notice this, but it no longer bothers me as much. I find him a rather remarkable, frightened man who is capable of much more than he wants to admit to.

One thing that I’ve had to adjust to is the lack of love and affection from the ‘man in my life’, in this case, parental love and affection. Dad doesn’t like affection and frankly, to be hugged by him is just awkward and uncomfortable.

So, I was pondering all of this today and I pushed up to OverSoul, silver, into GodMind, gold and I asked to feel what love is. Wow.. it came pouring down to fill me up. Very different to feeling love for another, this is love within for Self and feels more balanced and whole.

Give it a go and tell me what you feel!


truth behind lies

Much has been on my mind this morning, in particular the reply I received to my post yesterday. Last year when everything was booked and confirmed for my trip to Nevis and beyond it seemed that life was in a hurry to get me prepared for that trip mentally/emotionally. I had never encountered such intensive release work. That was until I actually went on the trip. Release work increased exponentially with each passing week.

With the sudden lull yesterday, which had me delving within and wondering why life was on hold again, everything is back in action today. Within minutes of being up this morning Dad got confused and blamed it on me. I saw that he stopped short of accusing me of lying, but it was that awareness that triggered me into anger. I had a few minutes to get myself balanced and to think of my reply, if indeed one was necessary.

I was grateful for the trigger as I’d been feeling free of anger lately and wondered if there was more within. LOL!! Of course there was and I found it this morning. As a young child I lied frequently. I can look back and see that I thought I was protecting mySelf. I cannot lie as it’s written all over my face and when I turned 12 and was beginning high school, I decided there was no point in trying to lie anymore.

I’ve been tracing this throughout my life because I want to understand why I get so angry about people either lying to me or when I’m accused of lying. When the accusation is true I do accept that. The deeper I look at myself the more I see how I haven’t been as honest with mySelf as I had thought. What I’ve discovered is that fear covers truth and within that truth I’m discovering how deep the lies go.

How do you respond to being lied to?

Or being accused of lying?

How far do you go to protect yourself from truth?

What happens when you get angry?

Are you to control your response?

Can you feel gratitude when you’re angry?

What does honesty mean to you?

Is it appropriate to be honest all the time?

Can lies be acceptable?

What do you do to gain balance and control of yourSelf?




when life is on hold

Every time I’m due to go away, life seems to go on hold the week or so before. I’m in that time now and I don’t like it. I’m rather scatter brained and it keeps coming through my writing. I’ve spent the day talking to OverSoul and have had guidance taking me deep within.

Do you ever feel as though you’re working around an issue, when what you really want to do is just get in there and sort it out?

I’ve been delving deeply within into fear. Relaxing into fear is not easy and this time I had excellent guidance telling me repeatedly ‘did you feel that? that’s resistance, let go’ and so on. As I worked through it I found a huge well of shame. I can feel it, I know what it is, I know where it comes from. I also understand what could happen when I release it, but can I release it now? No. I want to though. What did occur was a significant rolling lump of fear that moved up and just kept rolling up and out. That was rather awesome and I wanted more. Nope.

This is reflective of what’s going on in life currently. I’m on hold. So I changed my work out at the gym, a little, this morning and that felt great. But this feeling of life on hold keeps pervading. In less than a week I’ll be in Sydney for the doTERRA Convention. It’s just a short trip, but this ‘holding’ lead up is the same no matter how long I go away for. Maybe it’s time to get my suitcase out and start packing. Gosh, that’ll take all of 10mins.

Do you ever feel this?

What do you do to shake life up?

Do you talk to OverSoul or a ‘higher connection’?

Are you willing to dive into fear and see what’s going on?

What about shame?

Why do think so many people ignore these feelings?

If you’re in Australia, will I be seeing you next week?





adrenal function

There is an abundance of information to be found about kidneys, adrenal glands and hormones. Adrenal fatigue is commonly spoken about and attributed to chronic stress. It’s diagnosed particularly after mid age when the body’s production levels of DHEA begin to reduce.

This is a chicken and egg situation. Which comes first, stress on the adrenal glands or natural depletion of DHEA? And is there really natural depletion or is that just something that we’ve been told to accept as we age?

I’ve been researching this topic and pruning it down to the bare essentials and as you can see, the more I delve the more questions I begin to ask.

DHEA supplements are becoming more common and here in Australia we require a specialist in order to obtain a prescription. It’s true, in the US it can be bought off the shelf!

Does taking DHEA improve adrenal function?

When I was tested for adrenal function I had to give daily saliva samples. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Filling a small vial with saliva, no bubbles, was a skill that didn’t come naturally to me. I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, put on 7-keto-DHEA as well as bio-identical hormones. I didn’t like the bio-identical hormones and I don’t care what they’re called, they did not feel correct and I stopped using them.

Chronic stress was certainly an issue for me and I can trace it back to early childhood. Stress had become a way of life and most of society can say the same.

I believe it comes back to the mind. If you can relax your mind, your body will follow.

What essential oils can be used to support the kidneys and adrenal function?

Basil essential oil was used historically for kidney ailments. Today, it’s used to stimulate nerves and the adrenal cortex, which is the outer lining of the adrenals. Support from nervous tension and enabling sleep. In French medicine, Basil is used to regulate a scanty menstrual cycle, and to give support from mental fatigue.

Rosemary is used to stimulate the immune system and support from nervous exhaustion. It can be used for kidney infection and low blood pressure (talk to you doctor). In French medicine it’s used to balance an irregular menstrual cycle and give relief from nervous/mental fatigue.

Lavender is used for calming and balancing the body’s systems. Used for lowering blood pressure (talk to your doctor) and supporting women through menopause.

Thyme can be used for supporting the body from nervousness exhaustion.

Manuka can be used for anxiety, nervous exhaustion and relaxation.

Copaiba is great for the nervous system along with Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Frankincense and Ylang Ylang.

Any of the oils that assist with sleep and relaxation are going to be supportive.

How often do you bring your work home with you?

Are you able to go on a holiday and not worry about work or home?

Does ageing worry you?

Have you tried any hormone replacement therapies?

Do you wait until you have an issue before you do something about it?

Or do you prefer to preventative measures?

If so, what type of preventive measures do you use?

hormones and essential oils

I regularly receive questions about using essential oils for hormonal issues. This is not a simple question to answer, but for some it is simple to resolve.

There are stories circulating that Clary Sage is oestrogenic and there is no scientific evidence to support this. Clary Sage essential oil relieves menstrual cramps, moods associated with hormones, and is said to aid fertility by balancing oestrogen. It’s commonly used to balance hormones and is also great for sleep.

I know of a woman who had amenorrhea for years, was in a relationship and dearly wanted a family. She diffused Geranium and Clary Sage every day and night. Not only did her cycle return, but she went on to have a healthy family.

Historically, Geranium essential oil has been used to regulate heavy menstrual flow. It’s often used to regulate hormones and is a good one to add as it’s calming and balances the emotions, as well as assisting with sleep.

Ylang ylang is said to balance hormones in both sexes. It’s often used to enhance libido, more so for it’s soothing, seductive aroma and is another one that aids sleep.

Thyme essential oil is widely quoted as improving progesterone levels. The original study that all these claims stem from talks about the herb thyme. The herb and essential oil are significantly different to each other and one cannot be claimed to have the same properties as the other. Based on this, why did I mention it? years ago I tried a formula of 30 drops each of Clary Sage, Thyme, Ylang Ylang (courtesy of Dr Axe) in 30ml of Evening Primrose Oil. There is no scientific evidence to prove that Evening Primrose Oil, Thyme or Ylang Ylang essential oils have any effects on hormones. I used this blend for 2yrs and experienced relief from hormonal imbalance. There came a point, however, when I was no longer feeling those benefits. Thyme may relieve menstrual cramps, but that’s due to its warming qualities.

Diffusing clove essential oil is said to balance hormones. In French medicine it’s used to aid impotence. Clove is a hot oil and if diluted with FCO it could be used topically to relieve menstrual cramps.

Sandalwood essential oil is another one that is widely claimed to support testosterone levels. There are no studies to verify this. Interestingly, in French medicine it’s used to aid impotence, while Hawaiian Sandalwood was historically used to support the reproductive organs and may relieve menstrual issues. This is another oil that is often used to enhance libido for it’s soothing, calming, meditative qualities. Yes, this is another oil that assists with sleep.

I’ve used blends such as Clary Calm, which aids in relieving menstrual cramps, as does Passion. I met a woman who told me she used Clary Calm daily over her pelvis and Ice Blue nightly over her sacrum for many years and gained her life back from debilitating PCOS – polycystic ovarian syndrome.

I know of a man who told me his thin hair was due to hormonal issues and he used Clary Calm to stimulate hair growth.

Many of these oils have soothing, calming, sedative properties. It is possible that their claim in supporting hormonal balance, comes from easing stress and anxiety. When researching uses of essential oils it’s important that you’re not reading the same claim used in multiple sites. Look for the original study to gain your facts from.  As I’ve mentioned above, essential oils can have tremendous affects on hormonal health.

My research into essential oils for hormonal health doesn’t end here!

Have you tried using essential oils for hormonal issues?

If so, will you share your experiences?

What are your thoughts about claims that don’t have scientific proof?

Do you need scientific proof to give something a try?

Do you need scientific evidence to know something will work for you?

Does knowing something will work be more effective than knowing from scientific evidence?

How much value do you place on science?

How much value do you place on Self trust?



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