Being back in Melbourne I’m able to spend time with my parents most days. This is a massive change in direction for me as I have spent much of my life trying to escape them. They are both ailing in different ways and so I’m making sure I spend as much time as is possible, as well as practical, with them.

My mother has severe dementia which I now know has been labelled as Alzhiemers-dementia. This suggests to me that the assessing doctors don’t really know. She is terribly aggressive with extreme mood swings which happen faster than flicking a switch. I’ve been witness to many of these moods and have been the recipient of a few of them.

Before you ask, yes I have used essential oils with her and the response was so impressive we were all excited. However, she refuses to continue using them because she realised they were stimulating her memory and she doesn’t want to remember. This is her choice and I must respect that.

It’s my Self work utilising techniques I’ve learnt from Expansions that has enabled me to spend time with my parents. I use a combination of oils to assist me with emotional cellular release as well as the visual techniques I’ve learnt.

This is having a huge impact on me, which I am seeing reflected in both of my parents. Mum seems to be more calm when I’m around and these past couple of days her mood is beginning to lighten. Is this a permanent change in direction? Only time will tell. Keep in mind though, nothing is permanent, there will always be movement to and fro.

Dad has not been allowed to talk to anyone, visitors or by phone, due to her rude, loud anger whenever he talks to someone else. I spent this morning with him, engaged in animated discussion without one peep from Mum. I KNOW this is a result of the work I am doing.

The times I’ve witnessed Mum’s anger have brought up deep fear within me. At first I wondered why I was so anxious every time I was in the house. Then the other day when she stormed into the room making a loud snap/crack sound with a flimsy book in her hand as she vented at Dad; the fear that arose in my gut astonished me! I utilised techniques taught via Expansions and ever since I’ve had memories coming up of Mum beating me as a child with an object that would create a sharp, loud sound whenever she struck my bare skin.

I have people telling me to stop seeing my parents. I KNOW exactly what I’m doing and I have seen evidence of my growth in the short time since I’ve moved back to Melbourne.

Do you understand what I’m doing?

I now understand why I have long had issues with women. I have a deep fear of my mother stemming from early childhood. I would never have understand that to the depth I now do, while I was distancing myself from my family.

Do you understand how working on ourSelf is the only way to bring change in those people around us?

Do you know why it’s important to understand the truth behind our fear and anger?

I now understand the connection between my fear and deep seated anger!

Do you understand why it’s important to release these memories and emotions?

Do you think you can have emotional balance without understanding the cause of your fears and anger?

Do you think it’s a good thing to bring up childhood memories? Why or why not?

Do you know how to release these memories and emotions in a responsible way?

Would you rather control your emotions or have them control you?

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