Janet's Articles "The Illuminati's #1 Secret Weapon" 04/04

Part 4

While you are skidding to a stop, there is a whole lot of shaking going on as one life experience after another bump together, creating a seemingly chaotic mess.

This is a mess that you created and you have to clean up.

You cannot complain about it—you created it.

You have to work harder and faster than ever to manifest a new past that you will eventually live, and this needs to be done as quickly as possible.

YOU have to prepare the path that you will walk, rather than complacently sit by while someone else does it for you.

YOU have to consciously unhook from the artificially enhanced Life Source that has been created for you and consciously hook Self into your Oversoul and God-Mind.

YOU have to discern your True Path of Self.

YOU have to actually do something proactive rather than reactively wait for everything to happen for and to you!

If you want to stop being “The Illuminati’s #1 Secret Weapon”, you are the only one who can disengage the weapon.

How fast or slow you do it is up to you…but do not complain along the way.


Janet's Articles "The Illuminati's #1 Secret Weapon" 03/04


Every single day, you live the life that “they” create for you.

Where are you in the process?

You are HELPING them dig your own grave!

The human body is designed to live forever!

God-Mind is limitless!

You are hooked up to your own Source—Self, Oversoul, and God-Mind—this is the greatest power that exists!

Why do you refuse to use what is already the most natural and self-inherent power available to all?

Why do you gullibly look away from what you are?

How can you allow yourself to set foot on the path to not only self-destruction, but worse…to self-enslavement?

Observe how you participate and then throw epitaphs at others!

You are not an innocent victim!

You are a willing participant in someone else’s game.

You cannot blame anyone for what you do or do not have; for opportunities that never come your way; for elusive health and relationships; for disappointments in life; for mind-control and ELF.

You willingly walk the path that is prepared for you. YOU are the best “secret weapon” that anyone could wish for!

Now that you are in the middle of the game, or some might say toward the end, you are finally waking up to the reality of the path that you have willingly chosen.

What are you going to do about it?

Why do you think that you have to work harder to get out of it?

This isn’t “their” fault…put responsibility where it rightfully belongs…within YOU!

Quick, before it is too late, get into your mind-pattern, make some challenging choices, because at this stage it is not going to be so easy.

Remember that you always live your past.

You are living the past that you set in motion many, many years ago.

Now, you have to put the brakes on and throw yourself into a skid before you can stop the game and get onto another path. (cont’d)


Janet's Articles "The Illuminati's #1 Secret Weapon" 02/04

Part 2

These pits are highlighted and emphasized everywhere you look.

You think you have choices and you do—this pit or that pit?

You no longer even recognize the safety zones.

When you see the safety zones, you run away from them because they are now foreign to your conscious mind.

The safety areas now seem the most frightening and the most frightening areas now appear to be the safest.

Thus, you run to your perceived safety zone, deep within the pits that others have dug for you.

You willingly jump in and laugh at anyone pointing to a real safety zone!

You no longer are able to distinguish between what is artificially created and what is not.

You have lost your semblance of reality—what is real and what is not.

Everything blends together.

You are lost and do not realize it.

You fight against yourself and your fellow humans.

Your angers, fears, frustrations, morals, ethics, and even your sexuality are opened and directed every day.

You cannot even sleep in peace, as the skies are filled with equipment that bombards you with ELF to direct your dreams and “rest” periods.

Your negative mind-patterns are artificially enhanced;

you willingly ingest chemicals and non-foods in your bodies,

you take legal and illegal drugs to numb your feelings,

you buy smaller homes and cars to represent feeling small and overwhelmed,

you vote in artificial elections,

you fund-raise for diseases that do not exist,

you take pay cuts while CEOs make millions,

your children spend long days at school being indoctrinated instead of educated …the list goes on and on. (cont’d)


Janet's Articles "The Illuminati's #1 Secret Weapon!" 01/04

Part 1

Can you guess the ” Illuminati’s #1 Secret Weapon” ?

This “Secret Weapon” is hidden in plain site so obviously that nearly everyone overlooks it.

This “Secret Weapon” adds to the daily destruction of your freedom, mental prowess, physical health, financial strength, and interpersonal relationships.

There are approximately 6.6 billion of these “Secret Weapons” located throughout the globe—do these numbers give you a clue?

If you guessed YOU, then you are correct. The Illuminati uses each one of you to destroy yourself!

The Illuminati merely sets up the scenario and you walk yourself down the path.

How can this happen?

How do these beings have so much knowledge that they can control and manipulate you into your own self-destruction?

How could this happen?

While you struggle on a daily basis, each and every weak spot that you have is exploited and exaggerated to such a degree that there are dozens of pitfalls around you—so many, that you think these pitfalls are simply ordinary parts of life.

You willingly jump into these pits and holes around you, totally ignoring the safe zones. (cont’d)


Janet's Articles "The Death Program…And How To Stop It" 06/06

 Part 6 


Refuse to participate in the DEATH PROGRAM!

Ancient peoples, from the Bible to Atlantis and Lemuria were rumored to have lived for hundreds of years—what happened??

Develop your awareness that the “Death Program” exists for a reason.

Refuse to participate and learn to reverse the process.

Ancient peoples, from Biblical Times to Atlantis and Lemuria were rumored to have lived for hundreds of year –is this a possibility for you, too?

Release your experiences as they occur up to their point of origin –your Oversoul, God-Mind, or whatever you call your Higher Power.

Carrying the experiences of your past fills you up, creates weight, changes relationships, redirects career paths, affects financial pictures, distorts the mind and body, and recreates the beautiful body into which you were born into something else.

If you don’t empty out while you are here so you are ready for year 100, then you need to go out of the body to do this—and the “Death Program” wins again.

Your mind is the most effective tool you have for building yourself up or tearing yourself down.

You have the tool.

You already own it.

It is FREE.

Use it appropriately and the “Death Program” turns on itself, killing IT instead of YOU!




Janet's Articles "The Death Program…And How To Stop It" 05/06

 Part 5

Ages 90-99

This is the decade that ends all cycles since birth.

If you haven’t left yet, it’s time for the “big heave-ho” to get out the door.

Otherwise, what a wealth of information and history you contain!

If you are still healthy and of sound mind, what an influence you could be to the “new crop” of worker bees arriving into this reality, now ages 0-9.

The “Death Program” is running full speed ahead now, pushing you right through Heaven’s Gate.

Ages 100 Plus

New beginnings –but the “Death Program” has already shown you that you do not want to live this long.

You will be alone, ill, and with no one to take care of you.

“They” do NOT want you to be a LIVING STOREHOUSE OF KNOWLEDGE that can influence generations.

The “Death Program” is designed so that you absolutely DO NOT follow through on this path of New Beginnings—if you make it this far. (cont’d)


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