Lets Journey Some More

Bizarre things happen all the time. Especially when you are a bizarre person. Average people produce average results, extraordinary people produce extraordinary results, out there people produce out there results. Which one are you? All of them. Don’t hide from yourself.

Why do we hide from ourselves? fear? fear of what? acceptance? rejection? accepting the rejection? or rejecting the acceptance? it sounds complicated, but its two words – accept and reject, they are very simple words, but yet the emotional snowball that deciding om one or the other can cause within us is far from simple.  It took my mother 3 years to decide and purchase wood flooring. Im not saying I havent struggled with a decision, but how could any new flooring be worse than old stinky dirty carpet?

I keep on being pointed to and revolve a lot of my thinking to a ever evolving chemistry of life and its manifestations. You have to accept the past, it happened already – you did it. Sure a lot deny the past, regret it too. But your hiding yourself even more. You’re hiding from something you cant change. So what can you do? You keep moving forward, but the cycle repeats. You must release, you must forgive. But we are complicated people. I’ll admit something here – my ego, my ego when doing releasing work. What do I mean? You put someone on a golden altar to forgive them, but I realized at some points, I put them on the altar to blame them. Its the greatest coverup right? You’re doing an exercise to improve your life by forgiving and releasing that person, in the end you forgive and release yourself. Putting myself up there was a part that I couldn’t solidify in some ways. This might be a poor choice of words, maybe digest is a better word. In my life/world digest is probably perfect. Ive used the term self responsibility before many times, or the importance of growing up the child within. So i would think why do I not properly digest forgiving and releasing myself? If I dont properly digest this about myself what am I not properly digesting about other people that I put on the altar? Remember you can’t blame someone for what you attracted.

I accept, I reject, I sit the the sideline, i play the game, I move forward but you get hit to one side you get hit to the other you get upset, you get angry, but you need to realize why. Do you think a priest will go to heaven because he spoke the word of god every sunday? The priest sure does. Do you feel the same way when you do release work, that just because you’re doing it, it will work? I’ve always expected some type of instant fix, always hoped for one at least. I can say doing the work definitely chips away at issues, sometimes big sometimes small. Next time you do the golden altar ask OverSoul to help you feel for that frequency that you need to align.

Im having difficulty explaining myself here because its not like im trying to show you two points on a map and how I got from one place to another, its because im trying to show you a lot of stars and how i connected them to make a constellation.  Its not a simple chord on a guitar but its an elaborate array of notes that make a beautiful song. We are all beautiful songs, and gorgeous works of arts, but we have solidified thick layers of self frequency interruptions that we hide behind. The phrase its time to face the music sounds scary but the music is yours. Face yourself forgive yourself you are free listen to your own song.

The Releasing Journey Continues

I provided a brief summary in the first post, im still unsure of its direction but i definitely have the experience that I want to share and hope it can help others.

I’ll start with the diet the keto – food is what you learn or knowledge, how you ground it etc..
Keto you are stripping away the sugar and the carbs, these items bring an instant gratification to you. Comfort food. After doing this diet I realized that people against Monsanto are a bit late in the game of point fingers at who is poisoning you. Sugar was the beginning.

When I was in Greece last year my aunt kept repeating her story to me about this tree in the village. The same tree my father would tell me about, the same tree Im going to look for when I go again – I have no idea what it is called in english, but it produces a pea pod looking thing with no peas but instead a sap. They would use these pods buy simmering them in water and creating sweet syrup. If it wasnt this it was honey. During my father’s and family’s childhood the nazi’s occupied Greece and they did a great job of taking all your food and leaving with you nothing. So honey wasnt option.

So now my mind wonders and thinks where did sugar come from? Obviously there is raw cane sugar, there is honey, but sugar? Its been in my face since day one. I ask my mom, was there sugar in your village? She says yes but it was rare, sugar was a rich man’s product. So now im like what is up with this sugar creation. I stumbled across a podcast and a writer was being interviewed, this writer either did a documentary or an article on sugar and fat. He may of wrote an article in some magazine stating “what if it was all a lie” attributing to the “low fat diet”. In this podcast the writer stated from his research that processed sugar was developed by the Germans in the late 1800’s as a performance enhancement drug for their soldiers. I do not know if this is 100% true I have yet to do the research on my own, but go figure right?

Have you tried removing sugar and refined carbs from your diet? What happens to you? How are your thoughts affected?

Like I said sugar and carbs brings comfort and instant gratification. If the German thing is true – then its supposed to be instant cause it was meant to be a drug. Think about your life and what you do with your energy. Think about what you want to do and why you dont. It’s easy to make excuses, or easy to be blind to the reasons why you should do something. This is self sabotage. How do you think this will change if you remove sugar and refined carbs from your life?

In my Journey I remember the first week of doing this, I had many things I did not want to think about come to the surface. I remember cutting my avocados up thinking about negativity with my brother with family, with anyone. I cut out the physical comfort of sugar and I was forced to deal with my emotions. I had no choice, it was difficult, like an explosion. Im taking in healthy food and bringing out the negative.  My body my soul my mind was telling me if you want good you need to get rid of the bad. The bad begins with your mind pattern, your buried emotions.

Releasing whats not needed

I’ve been meaning to post something and I think I go too entangled in what I “should” write about. So im taking the easy way out in terms of writing, but its something that in my life I have been taking the “long” way out. Its about releasing. I’d like to see who else will jump in and offer their story or comments.

Ill start with physical body – since this is my current situation as well as has been a constant situation. I think I began as a husky kid when I was 8. Husky was the term given to the big clothing sizes for children. At least that’s how it was when I was child.  Im not going to elaborate so much on my past. If you have been on webinars with me, you’ve heard about it.

Since October I’ve been religious about getting into the gym anywhere from 4 to 7 days a week. I had decided to try the “keto” diet. Basically low carb, high fat diet. I believe more specifically its that you want a high fat to carb ratio – healthier carbs in particular, not pasta carbs. I dont know what I weighed when I started, the number wasn’t a goal or concern. Hopefully my doctor doesn’t read this right? Its ok I dont have one. Im going to guess I was 330lbs.  During the month of January the gym I attend, started a challenge, cash prizes to winners nationwide and free services to winners locally. Again not concerned with the “number” i entered the body transformation challenge, its based on your body fat percentage. When I signed up I weighed in at 302lbs and at 42.3% body fat.

Im going to keep the first post short. Im going to say that the challenge was good to keep up the motivation and I will say im going to use this blog to keep it going further. Who is going through similar? Would like to hear from you. Definitely feel free to brag about your achievements you deserve to do so.

Hello I’m Michael

I have been with Expansions since I was 18. I work in IT, as well as Massage Therapy, and have designed and make Radionics for Expansions. I am a dreamer. I am Greek American, or as I prefer Cretan American, my father’s side is from the island Crete. Walking through the path of self-awareness and mind expansion is not always an easy one. I look forward to help on your path. I know you can do it.

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