I haven’t written on this blog for awhile. I got to thinking about what stops me from doing so. One of the requirements for OMG membership is to contribute to the blogs and to write here also.

I came up with two reasons as to why I’m not writing here; procrastination and low-self worth.  Which comes first, I’m not sure. I also, think, for me, that procrastination is causing me to be untrustworthy because I have given my word that I will do this and I haven’t been. I hope that makes sense.

So, here I am. I’m back.

Where do you procrastinate and why do you?

Trusting the process

What an interesting day I had today. I was called back to London on Tuesday to cover  couple of days for a carer who needed to go off sick. I came down by train, and arrived at the house, to find 4 cats, that do not go outside and a carer who just needed to get away. There was no food in the house that I wanted to eat, and it was smelly. Great start. Anyway, the client was a real sweetie and very amusing although she has a a bit of dementia. Her grandson turned up around 4 o’clock and was so very grateful that I had arrived at such short notice from so far away. He went out and got some food in for me. The two days I was there passed quickly and I took a train and met up with my friend who was going to drop me off later at a new BnB that we found out about, because the the woman at the usual place I go to was away, and we weren’t sure what day she was coming back.   Well, came time to go the new place and my lovely friend realised that it was going to take more time to get than she had thought and couldn’t spare any more time, as she had to back to work. We talked about me taking another train and that it would be dark by the time I got there. She was upset with her ‘mistake’ and kept apologising to me. I told her that ‘everything happens for a reason and not to be upset’. I then decided on the off chance, to phone the original woman and see if she responded! Well, guess what, she got home last night and said that I’m welcome to come and stay! So, EVERYONE is happy and the new woman was very understanding, I just told her the truth.

I trusted the process and all is well! 🙂


One of my frustrations was feeling like I was working on releasing the past, but I seemed to keep repeating the same experiences. This seems to be the way with others as well! How about you? Cleaning out the physical, as well as the mental and emotional is the way to go.

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