December Affirmations “Mindful Eating; Mindful Thinking” 12/31          

Physical food represents mental food. You have to decide what you want to eat in the same way  that you need to make conscious choices of what kind of mental food you put into your mind. There are tons of choices; how do you make the most correct and beneficial choices for you?

December 12, 2019

My physical body needs sugar to survive.

I need and allow sweet experiences in my life.

December Affirmations “Mindful Eating; Mindful Thinking” 03/31          

Physical food represents mental food. You have to decide what you want to eat in the same way  you need to make conscious choices of what kind of mental food you put into your mind. There are tons of choices; how do you make the most correct and beneficial choices for you?

December 3

I observe my snacking habits.

I observe the difference between snacking and a meal.

Nadmiar emocji.

W tym miesiącu którego energia jest- wszystko jest możliwe, wszystko może się wydarzyć-,
doświatczam różnego rodzaju emocji jak, niepewność, strach, stres. Ale pracuje nad tym aby to
opanować i kontrolować.
Po powrocie z zajęć Styczniowych w Michigan, pełen nowych informacji i nadzieji, poznając nowych
wspaniałych przyjaciół, powróciłem do mojej rutynowej pracy. Jakby nic nowego, ale nie jest łatwo w
sezonie zimowym. Moje emocje sięgnęły zenitu kiedy w piątek dowiedziałem się że w następnym
tygodniu mam jechać do środkowego-zachodu ( rejon Chicago), gdzie ma być bardzo zimno.
W przeszłości miałem doczynienia z niskimi temperaturami wiele razy, ale teraz wydaje mi śię to
przerażające. Dzień i noc myślę jak to przetrwam.
Jakie wzorce myślowe powodują ten niepokój i stach?
Dlaczego zmagam się z tym?
Czy jest to efekt starzenia się?
Albo może, ponieważ nie lubię już tej pracy i nie chcę już dlużej jej wykonywać?
Muszę wejrzeć glębiej wewnątrz siebie, dlaczego zmagam się z tym. Styczeń dobiega końca więc powoli
przygotowujemy się do Lutego. Mam nadzieję że będzie mniej stresujący dla mnie.
Czy też zmagacie się z czymś podobnym?

Excess of emotion

In this everything/all possibilities energy month I experiencing any kind of emotion, anxiety, fear and
stress. But I’m working on to take over and control.
After returning from January class full of new information and hope, meeting new wonderful friends, I
got back to my routine work. Like nothing new but nevertheless my work is not easy in winter time.
My emotion jump up on last Friday when I have been informed I be going to Midwest on next week in
very extremely weather, very cold temperature. In the past i deal with something like this many times
but now it feels like something impossible to do. Day and night I’m thinking how I survive this cold
What the mind patterns cause this anxiety and stress?
Why do I deal with this?
Is it the aging effect?
Or maybe because I don’t like to do what I’m doing now any more?
I need to luck deeper inside why I deal with this. January is going to the end, so we preparing slowly
for February. Hope it’s gonna be less stressful.
Is this something you dealing to?

July “Release The Fight” 18/31

July 18, 2018

Today my favorite mug that got chipped went into the garbage!  I will now have to get a new favorite mug! I closed one door so another can open!

See how easy it is to set the frequency?

When people think of “change” they think “big change” but “big change” can be way too “big” for most people to handle.

Like we have discussed in so many of the “Self-Healing Group” webinars, you think you are going from step 1 to step 2, but most people really go from step 55 to step 105 without realizing that they are not starting in the beginning, nor are they taking one step at a time.

Sometimes, it is impossible to start at the beginning.

It wasn’t that many years ago that Stewart and I cleaned out the garaged from one round of “stuff” we did not need.  Here it is a few years later and I’m cleaning another round—“kind of” being forced by the pests that have surrounded my path in life.

Maybe the mess was there the first time and I didn’t see it?

Or, maybe it started right after the cleaning or maybe during this past winter?

In this house or our previous house?

Remember, I told you that a bigger house means the opportunity for a bigger mess.  You have more room to “stuff” .  The reason most people want a bigger home is for more space and to be more organized and  neat, but always remember that “wherever you go, there you are”.

In my opinion, the smaller the home, the more you are forced to clean and clear; not hoard or stockpile; be neat and organized. And, the more “stuff” you have sometimes the less you appreciate and respect it.

I had so much “stuff” that I could not even remember everything that was in the garage cabinets.

So, at one point did I start stuffing?

When did it begin?

Do you know at what point you began “stuffing”?

Have you had “larger” and “smaller” living spaces and if so, was “larger” or “smaller’ easier to be more neat and organized?

Does “smaller” force you to unstuff and unclutter, or is it easier to just pile stuff up and declare it is because of the small space?

Have you been through one round of unstuffing and now here you are needing another round of unstuffing?

Have you thought that you were at “step 1” only to discover you were in the middle and had to go “backwards” to fill in the gaps so you could move forward again?

Do you feel discouraged when this happens?

Do you judge and criticize Self when this happens, or simply observe the process?

Do you think you are taking one step at a time only to later realize that you are leaping too far too fast without guidance from Source?

When you throw out the clutter, do you fight to keep this chapter of your life from closing?

Do you think about how you are setting the frequency for new doors to open?

Or do you fight for the status quo because change is too challenging and you want a respite?

Do you fight for rest? or do you fight for growth?  can you have rest and growth at the same time?

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