November “Book of Formation” 01/30

November 1, 2020

Your Kabbalah work is only another tool that you can choose to use while focusing on your inner level work.  One reason I chose to study this work now is because I can feel the frequency of non-humanness behind it.  As I sort through the frequency I am doing my best to divest the information of the color, tone and archetype of human interpretation vs that which is nonhuman.

As you already know, nonhuman interpretation does not mean benevolent. This means I also need to search the information for malevolent frequencies.  For this reason it is important to know the frequency of your author so you can sort out the color, tone and archetype of the author from the information.

I have started some books with wonderful information. Then all of a sudden I run into information that makes me cringe.  This is often done purposefully to engage you. Once you are engaged, you swallow everything because you may not be consciously sensitive to the change of directions. In some of my Kabbalah research I have found information that should  not be public. Even reading the intros to some books felt evil and foreboding, definitely places I have no need to be.

Think about putting out a recipe for a nuclear bomb.  Just because you have a recipe does not mean everyone should have access to it. Obviously  anyone who tries to make one will have disastrous consequences.  I do not want to know how to make something like this. There is much evil in the world disguised in ways that tempt people to participate. Or people do not realize it is evil until they have immersed themselves in it. Extricating your Self from such situations can be challenging. Discernment is paramount.  Trusting in Source is paramount.  From “The Red Sea Rules”, knowing that “the same God that led you in will lead you out” is paramount.

When people hear the word “Kabbalah” do they automatically think “spiritual”?

Do you realize that Kabbalah is not spiritual, but a set of “how-to” instructions for life?

Do most people immediately think “good” when they think of the word “spiritual”?

Do people consciously and/or unconsciously put something forward as spiritual/good when it can be the exact opposite?

Do you sometimes automatically make assumptions without digging into the frequency behind your assumptions?

Can communication of any kind, either inner or outer, be clear when it is based upon assumptions?

How challenging is it for clear communication to happen?

When you read, do the words clearly communicate?

Can evil be clearly communicated?

Can you always recognize evil?

If you unwittingly experience something evil, does this teach you to not assume, question more, and force you to put more faith in Self and Source?

What attracts you to study one body of work over another?

What does human vs nonhuman mean to you?

AOScan Mobile

Janet & I are excited to announce a new venture that we are beginning along with SMOCH, (Sacred Medical Order Church of Hope).
It is going to be a fantastic business opportunity for anyone who gets in on the early stages.
This is an Excellent Opportunity for ALL Healthcare Practitioners 
As Well As those Who Want this for Personal & Family Health.
AOScan Mobile:

The AOScan Mobile Device – Regularly $695

SAVE $200 with an aoscan membership

Aoscan Member Price: $495.00!

The cost is $95 to be a member of aoscan

See all software packages below


The Phone Display is 5.7 inches and very mobile friendly

The Tablet Display is: 8-inch & weight is: 24.7 oz


AO Scan  Software Basic Subscription Plan entails:



2 Quick Scan Programs
Full INNER-Vioce Program
210 Vitals Categories
4 S.E.F.I Programs
42 Comprehensive Categories
1 SIM card per Subscription

AO Scan Software Advanced Subscription Plan entails:



4 Quick Scan Programs
Full INNER-Voice Program
550 Vitals Categories
8 S.E.F.I Programs
76 Comprehensive Categories
1 SIM card per Subscription

AO Scan Software Professional Subscription Plan entails:



All Quick Scan Programs
Full INNER-Voice Program
550 Vitals Categories
All S.E.F.I. Programs
135 Comprehensive Categories
1 SIM card per Subscription
Mobile Video Tutorial
Mobile Video Tutorial

AOScan Mobile Demonstration – 55 Minutes

How to imput your Bank account information to receive your commissions – 2 minutes

Where to find your personal webstore link for new signups – 2 minutes

How to build your downline / Where to place people – 3 Minutes


How to place a New member anywhere in your Downline – 6 Minutes

Trouble Logging in: Clear your Browsing Data – 2 minutes

Trouble Shooting: Not able to open emailed health reports – 3 minutes

Start a telegram group for your downline – 2 minutes

Apple/Mac troubleshooting to Open Scans/Reports – 2 minutes

How to use AOScan rMobile with someone remotely – 9 minutes

Sneak Peak at ScanPro Level – 6 minutes

How to Record your Screen and Upload Presentation – 11 minutes

Janet & Stewart thank you for your interest in OAScan.

Please send information about yourself, where you are located,

if you are a private individual wanting this for your own use or if you have a clientele to whom you intend to sell this.  

Email Patricia: [email protected]

Testimonial from Susan Suehr 9-27-20

I have owned my AOScan for 1 week now. I have Used this on myself each day for a week and my husband every 3 days for a week. Both of us being in our late sixties, have experienced wonderful results. Myself, not being able to lower my blood pressure (borderline high) for 15 years lowered it using the AOScan only to a normal range blood pressure that I had in my twenties. My husband who was in the high range for 15 years, has lowered his 20 points and is close to normal now. He has also worked under his car for the last 2 days for 10 hours per day. He has experienced no muscle pain or discomfort. Not his recent experiences that required him to limit any work to 2hours. He is now going to allow him to be scanned & received optimized frequencies each day now. Thank you Stewart & Janet for this wonderful business opportunity.  Susan Suehr, New Jersey USA.

Check Out these Informative Videos:
1. A short out-of-the-box setup video
AO Scan's Mobile Set Up Scan Tutorial
2. An extensive use video tutorial walk through on setting up phone and Basic programs
AO Scan Mobile Basic Setup Walk through


AO Scan Mobile Device – A Digital Body Analyzer
The AO Scan mobile device is a modern device that utilizes a sonic frequency scan developed by physicists and doctors that were involved in the Russia space program.
The AO Scan mobile device is not technically a biomedical device, but a natural body scanner like echolocation: high-frequency sounds targeted to the body and their echoes interpreted to determine the response of objects.
Echolocation, also called bio sonar, is a biological sonar used by several animal species including dolphins.
The AO Scan mobile device is based on 20 years of research done by a number of Russian teams who recorded frequencies emitted by healthy, human organs.
They recorded what the normal frequency response for every age of subject, male or female.
The Scan is used for assessing organ function; not structure like tumors or broken bones. Therefore, it is like an ECG (electrocardiogram), or brain EEG (electroencephalogram).
It specifically measures the sonic vector potential, frequency response, and its output response.
When the response is low, vitality of the organ is lower; when high, the organ is under inflammatory stress.
Normal tone and function is registered by a middle range response. On a scale of 1 to 10, that is 4, 5, and 6.
The AO Scan mobile device is simple to use, it involves sitting with headphone-like transducers placed on the head around the ears.
The relevant frequency patterns are projected through the transducers, which are mostly inaudible as they are well above the audible frequency range. The sensor channels the information that comes off the test subject.
As a result of having the resonant frequencies passed through the headphone set to a computer based on the cloud, the readings are instantly analyzed, computed, and shown on the cell phone. The relevant stresses and deficiencies, which have had their frequency response determined, are compared against the norm.
The client then obtains the results which are most likely to help their current condition.
From a practical point of view, this method can help determine ideal therapies, supplements, and changes in lifestyle.
The AO Scan mobile device is fundamentally a functional test, not a medical diagnostic device that gives medical diagnosis for cancer, infectious disease, etc.
Instead, the AO Scan determines functional vitality, and can show early on the needed support and lifestyle changes required to restore function.
Likewise, in the face of disorder, it can pinpoint areas where support is needed, which standard tests may not show.
Even though we do not claim this to be a diagnostic device, doctors report that when they test their patients with known conditions and pathologies and correlate these with the AO Scan mobile device readings and the client’s site of disease, positive results were nearly 80%.
It is a wellness tool for people who want to self-help in today’s
confused and complicated situation.
It is a complementary tool, as is the weight scale, blood pressure machine, glucose meter, finger oximeter, and other home health tools.
The idea of frequency response being relevant in medicine has been given considerable scientific support by a range of recent research projects being carried out around the world for decades.
The readings shown by the AO Scan Mobile device have more in common with a natural medicine view of the way the body works, which is very much based on organ function.
A standard biomedical model is based more on structural disease and infection.
From a practice point of view, we have found that integrating these conventional and non-conventional approaches, which is what alternative doctors do in the consultation situation, are most helpful.
The rapid scan and convenience of the AO Scan mobile device is outstanding. A comprehensive scan takes only 90 seconds. The results are returned from the cloud instantly, and the results can be sent to the client’s email.
Not only does it scan the body, but the AO Scan mobile device generates reports for recommended nutritional supplementation.
The AO Scan mobile device can also generate therapeutic frequencies to give the body a daily sonic tune-up.
It features the Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter (S.E.F.I.) Module.
It is designed to capture, amplify, and imprint subtle energy (radionics) frequencies to target a water remedy (similar to homeopathy), and into target objects such as sugar pills, tinctures, and even a healing bracelet, necklace, ring, etc.
The AO Scan mobile device is a multifunctional device and is designed for continual and ongoing upgrades as part of user subscription to the cloud.
The AO Scan Mobile device has been used on hundreds of patients who were randomly presented with known pathologies, set to scan results, to test the accuracy of the AO Scan mobile device.
We found it gave correct findings relating to the area of dysfunction corresponding with known pathology in nearly 80% positive response rate.
It does not give any definition as to what the nature of any underlying pathology might be, but that can often be surmised based on presenting symptoms.
The AO Scan mobile device is a great quick-scan aide to any practicing physician; it can be a valuable tool just like bioimpedance, ECG, EEG, urinalysis, blood analysis, as well as other scanning methods. It is quick, inexpensive: a must-have tool for the avid user.
– AO Scan Mobile Team

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December Affirmations “Mindful Eating; Mindful Thinking” 12/31          

Physical food represents mental food. You have to decide what you want to eat in the same way  that you need to make conscious choices of what kind of mental food you put into your mind. There are tons of choices; how do you make the most correct and beneficial choices for you?

December 12, 2019

My physical body needs sugar to survive.

I need and allow sweet experiences in my life.

December Affirmations “Mindful Eating; Mindful Thinking” 03/31          

Physical food represents mental food. You have to decide what you want to eat in the same way  you need to make conscious choices of what kind of mental food you put into your mind. There are tons of choices; how do you make the most correct and beneficial choices for you?

December 3

I observe my snacking habits.

I observe the difference between snacking and a meal.

Nadmiar emocji.

W tym miesiącu którego energia jest- wszystko jest możliwe, wszystko może się wydarzyć-,
doświatczam różnego rodzaju emocji jak, niepewność, strach, stres. Ale pracuje nad tym aby to
opanować i kontrolować.
Po powrocie z zajęć Styczniowych w Michigan, pełen nowych informacji i nadzieji, poznając nowych
wspaniałych przyjaciół, powróciłem do mojej rutynowej pracy. Jakby nic nowego, ale nie jest łatwo w
sezonie zimowym. Moje emocje sięgnęły zenitu kiedy w piątek dowiedziałem się że w następnym
tygodniu mam jechać do środkowego-zachodu ( rejon Chicago), gdzie ma być bardzo zimno.
W przeszłości miałem doczynienia z niskimi temperaturami wiele razy, ale teraz wydaje mi śię to
przerażające. Dzień i noc myślę jak to przetrwam.
Jakie wzorce myślowe powodują ten niepokój i stach?
Dlaczego zmagam się z tym?
Czy jest to efekt starzenia się?
Albo może, ponieważ nie lubię już tej pracy i nie chcę już dlużej jej wykonywać?
Muszę wejrzeć glębiej wewnątrz siebie, dlaczego zmagam się z tym. Styczeń dobiega końca więc powoli
przygotowujemy się do Lutego. Mam nadzieję że będzie mniej stresujący dla mnie.
Czy też zmagacie się z czymś podobnym?

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