Certificate of: Hyperspace/Oversoul Health & Healing

What will you learn?

The Hyperspace/Oversoul Health & Healing degree of Expansions University School of Monastic Medicine will introduce you to the basic and advanced Hyperspace and Oversoul Techniques, their workings and the key terms that Stewart and Janet use in their classes. The subjects that will be covered include (without limitation): time-travel within and outside of your Oversoul Matrix, the Eternal Now, Mind-Control Programming and Deprogramming Techniques, correcting your mind-pattern to harness personal power, strength and creativity, identifying and releasing victim mentality, the nature of the God-Mind, the Universal Law, and so much more. You will learn how to apply the Hyperspace/Metaphysics healing techniques such as visualizations, affirmations, prayer, meditation, out-picturing, physic flush, psychic surgery, etc. All of the above will complement, complete and deepen your expertise in alternative medicine.

Study Materials & Degree Requirements

To complete this degree program,

you will be required to study the following materials:

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