Part 1 

Change is one of the most challenging enigmas of life. Everyone wants change, yet everyone fears it. Everyone wants “good” change, but that can be just as difficult to deal with as unpleasant current circumstances. People work to bring about change, but once they have it, they are not sure that they even want it.

Even people who work for weeks, months, and sometimes even years for change, wonder if they made the correct choice in bringing the change about. After investing so much time it is egotistically difficult to back out of what was so painstakingly arranged.

In addition, the change came about because the involved energy streams were re-directed. These energy streams are an actual flow of energy, much like a river, that is effectively rerouted. To redirect the energy stream again takes more time and effort. So, before you set something in motion, think about your choices. Explore the ramifications on the Oversoul level so that you make the best decisions possible for everyone involved. (cont’d)



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