Part 2

Sometimes, circumstances happen in an instant that change your life forever, directing it on an entirely different path than you had ever imagined. Sometimes change seems to come out of nowhere, unsettling a world that you thought was totally settled; a world that was comfortable for you to handle; a world where you knew your way around.

Everything is a product of your own mind-pattern, including “sudden change.” Change is a constant, so sudden change simply is the result of subconscious activity that has been building for a while. This means that on some level you were putting the change into motion, but your conscious mind was unaware of the process. The perception is that the change is sudden, thus shaking your world and forcing you to change.

Amongst all of these diametrically opposed feelings is the inevitable—change happens. God-Mind is always in the process of change. It bends and twists Itself constantly in its process of Self-exploration. As a reflection of the ever-dynamic God-Mind, each soul-personality is also ever-dynamic, bending and twisting itself in its self-exploration. (cont’d) 

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