Part 3

When stagnation sets in, the soul-personality withdraws its energy stream, or life force, from the physical body. This is the way it forces change, for what is the point of existing in this reality if there is no movement?

Change really is about learning to move with the twists and turns that the God-Mind makes, as this really is the Force behind the Oversoul level and on into the soul-personality level. Each level reacts to the other.

Some people have a tendency to become complacent with the status quo. They become comfortable even in the midst of their discomfort. They create an energy stream and then stand still within it, exploring it over and over again, until there is nothing left to explore. Yet, instead of giving it up to their Oversoul, they re-explore, so here they stay. They are doing something, so it is different than stagnation, but there is no upward movement. (cont’d)

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