Part 4

In True Reality, there is no time, so these kinds of people can stay there for as long as they like. After all, someone has to explore the ramifications of going in circles for eternity.

Change always means growth and movement.  Change means an opportunity to examine where you were and where you are now. Change does not necessarily equate with “comfort,” but it can start to have a modicum of comfort when you realize what the change process involves.

You can be comfortable with change when you accept that you may –

not like everything.

 need some time to find your way.

 have to work via trial and error.

find yourself thinking about the old ways.

wish for the old ways.

wish that the change had never happened.

doubt yourself and your abilities.

  All of these thoughts are extremely normal. The majority of people go through this process when they go through change. Rather than beat yourself up for these thoughts, accept  that you are going through a transition period and that whatever you want to think is okay.

There is nothing “wrong” with you or your circumstance.

Everything is as it is supposed to be, and on some level you agreed to it all. So, rather than turn away from the opportunity, use your creative energies to help pull you through in the least uncomfortable way.

Change happens; it is inevitable. Learn to easily adjust by acknowledging and accepting the process. END.