The more I talk with people the more I’m hearing similar stories. There is much fear being felt, people are overwhelmed by all that’s going on, others are ready for and wanting change. Well, this is all accurate for what’s going on this year. 2011 is all about New Beginnings.

New beginnings mean change and change isn’t always easy. Big change is happening in homes, businesses, communities, globally. No wonder people are feeling fear! Whether your perspective of change is positive or negative, it doesn’t matter, change can be exciting and challenging at the same time.

Janet Mourglia-Swerdlow summed this up beautifully for me in her book Decoding Your Life: “You actually move into a type of death experience when you part with something that was very meaningful to you. As with any death, take time to adjust. Feel compassion for yourself as you move through the loss.”

I’m currently going through huge and awesome change, which is exciting and frightening at the same time. Periodically I burst into tears and now that I understand that I’m grieving for what I’d had, I can allow compassion for myself. It doesn’t matter how long this change has been planned, it’s the actual achieving that can be challenging.

I also have the issue of decades of suppressed tears. As a child, through to teens, whenever I was distressed and in tears my mother would suffocate me. She would push my face into her soft form and hold my head firmly there. When I began flailing my arms she would push harder. The moment I relaxed, she would push a little harder and when I was on the verge of blacking out, she would release me. I’d be so grateful for the air that I would turn and walk away having forgotten my distress. Now is the time for those tears to be released and change is allowing that.

I experiment with essential oils daily and I observe their effect within me. They allow me to delve within and I am getting to know myself on a deeper level. What I find is often interesting and understandable, sometimes surprising, occasionally distressing. In the relaxed state that oils allow I find it easy to remain in observer mode and this enables release to happen. I’m so grateful for all that’s happening currently!

DōTERRA’s Balance is a great blend to help ground. Vetiver is also another go to. Lemongrass will assist with confidence. Citrus Bliss and straight citrus oils will lift mood, though I can assure you Citrus Bliss is delightfully soothing 🙂 My new EmotionOil blend designed for fear will be released very soon!

Are you experiencing change?

Do you label change as good or bad?

What feelings are coming up for you lately and what are you doing about it?

Do you know how to release emotions safely?

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