Part 1 

Most people have child sub-personalities and/or alters in some form. These child sub-personalities and/or alters are really energetic compartmentalizations of the original soul-personality. Trauma of some sort usually precipitates and installs this kind of mind-pattern. Whatever age the child is traumatized is the age of the child alter/sub-personality that forms and stays, living in perpetual childhood within the emerging soul-personality.

Almost everyone has some kind of trauma that occurred at some point in his/her childhood that he/she did not have the mental, emotional, and/or physical tools to handle. This can be as “simple” as a parent who did not give enough attention to as traumatic as explicit physical/sexual abuse. At some point, the child realized that the situation was something over which he/she had no control, and could not resolve to his/her satisfaction. The child literally had no conscious choice but to accept the unpalatable situation.

This kind of trauma creates a split in the child’s personality. Mental illness can develop at this point, memory loss can occur, and sub-personalities form. Sometimes even alters form personalities within a personality, such as a “tough guy” that can deal with anything comes forward while the tender, sweet part of the child hides within the depths of the personality. What happens within the conscious mind is extremely personal and quite specific to a particular soul-personality. This sets the current child behavior at that particular age. That part of the soul-personality never develops, just living within the rest of the soul-personality. This leads to a myriad of childlike behavior patterns. (cont’d)





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