Part 2 

As with all original imprinting, this child alter continually tries to work out the situation with whoever is handy. The greatest challenge for most people is to consciously discover these child alters within themselves. Because you are so accustomed to the child alter, you generally just accept this behavior as a part of your “adult’ personality without questioning its appropriateness. You do not realize that this is an entirely separate sub-personality who “comes out of his/her closet” whenever he/she has the opportunity to work through his/her issues. You cannot “fix’ something if you do not realize that it is broken.

When your child alters are active, there are some distinct characteristics that come out. Some people are extremely egocentric. This means that the world revolves around him/her. If this did not happen as a child, then the person may try to recreate this scenario, except this time, he/she is the center of attention. Or, it could be that as a child this person was the center of attention and now cannot accept when he/she is not.

Usually child alters are deeply imbued with a “fight or flight” reaction to controversy of any kind. This is because these are the only tools a small child knows and can think of to do. Pay attention to see how you resolve conflict. Are you able to talk about your issues as an adult, or do you just fight or run away like a child? Children do not have the emotional capability or verbal skills to react with words. They want to run away, but they cannot. They want to fight, but they cannot. But, in an adult body, they can do both—so they do! (cont’d)




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