Part 4

Many people with child alters sometimes have childlike mannerisms and speak in childlike voices. They may prefer childhood nicknames that are not really names, but were often devised upon what a child said, did, or even watched on television, such as Oopy, Porky, Hats, Tib, Sport, etc. Some child alters even take on the names of animals, such as Kitten, Pet, Boots, Sparky, etc.

Really take a look at yourself to determine if you have any active child alters/sub-personalities. Once you realize that you have a child alter/sub-personality, you have the opportunity to decide in conscious awareness how you wish to deal with it. When you feel this happen, become the objective observer. Observe when this happens and how often. Observe if the child alter feels he/she has no other choice but to express this way.

Recognize that you are now an adult and you do have personal power and choices. When this happens, work on merging and re-integrating the child alter/sub-personality back within you. Do your best to merge and balance self so that you are the one in charge—not some emotionally stunted child alter/ sub-personality. (cont’d)



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