Part 5

When the child alter/sub-personality is active, you can feel a bubble of energy well up. Often, there is a part of you that you simply cannot break through this energetic build-up, and may not even want to break through. When you get to this stage, simply objectively observe without criticism and/or judgment.

At some point, you will gain the strength to release all that you no longer need to your Oversoul, and work on the reintegration process. This is important so that you can grow on in an effective capacity and continue the work that you came here to do.

When you start this work, and push comes to shove, you may find yourself pulling that child alter/sub-personality back in because this is what you know; this is the familiar. That is okay. This is part of the process. As long as you are aware of the process, you will keep moving forward and you will reach a point where you are reintegrated in a comfortable way. Then, the child alter/sub-personality no longer exists in the same way.

Once you reach this point, your life again changes in ways that are yet unimaginable. As an adult, with adult tools, and emotional and mental capacities, your entire life flows smoother and becomes increasingly more manageable. Take the step. Investigate, explore, acknowledge, reintegrate. Become the person that you designed yourself to be! The End.


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