It’s been a while since I last posted and that’s because my life has been developing and changing so fast I find that what I wanted to talk about has changed by the time I sit down to do so.

What this tells me is I should post more frequently! Even if they’re short.

Cleaning up and out comes in many ways. Most of us look at the physical, clutter in our house, or car, the garbage bin may be full and needs to be taken out, the garden may be full of weeds. All of this has a reflection from within. Clutter is a reflection of your mind.

It’s one thing to clean up the physical and I’ve done that many times repeatedly, but the mess keeps building up again. This is where most people either accept that’s what happens and keep cleaning or they give up and allow the mess to keep building.

Yes, it’s true, in this physical reality that we are partaking in, mess is a part of life. That does not mean I have to accept it though. When I clean up I think about what’s going on within that requires cleaning and that not only becomes grounded in what I’m doing physically, but it clears up my thoughts as well. Plus, I feel even better about doing the cleaning than I ordinarily might. By understanding the mind pattern behind mess I’m seeing more value in cleaning it up. I still have to clean up the same mess though, this tells me there is more within that I can look at. What happens when I’m done with cleaning up that aspect of my mind pattern is I find that I naturally become neat, tidy and clean in that area.

The reason this has come to mind is I want to let you all know that my website is going to shut down. I haven’t been happy with it and have seen that I’ve invested time into it that has not given me anything back. Well, right there I made a judgement! It has given me plenty in return, just not what I was wanting.

What I have learnt is that there’s an issue with communication that I need to resolve within before I set up another website. It’s tied in with confidence, self value, self worth, fear etc The blog was unable to accept comments despite ticking all the correct boxes. I had spoken to experts and they had told me I had done all the right things and couldn’t understand why comments weren’t being enabled. This is where I had to look within and it’s come back to judgement and Self.

I’ve been living with and caring for my father for much of this year. I was initially assisting him with Mum, but now it’s just the two of us. This has been such precious and valued time as I am learning A LOT about my family and particularly about my Self. This would not have happened if I hadn’t moved back here.

One thing that has come up is my dear Dad is excessively critical and judgemental of everyone and everything, no one or no thing is free from his remarks. This has been stressing me as I do tend to feel others emotions through a variety of ways. It’s been a huge learning curve in understanding what’s mine and what’s not, knowing who I AM, protecting myself and releasing that which is not mine. I’ve only just understood this morning that any judgements from anybody directed at me, really have nothing to do with me. Yes, there are some people reading this whom I’m aware have been gossiping about me. I have felt it and I now understand it’s not about me, it’s about you.

Judgement and criticism harms us. I have walked through the streets in observation, seen things and have immediately looked within and been pleased that I didn’t judge or criticise, only to discover that there had been a slight tension within. That tension was a result of judgement which only harms me. When it’s directed at someone else, it can harm them as well and comes back at me with force. It’s no wonder people are unhappy. If only we all began to look at ourselves openly and honestly and understand that we are doing this to ourselves, then maybe society could begin to heal.

When I hear Dad judging and criticising I immediately look within to see where I’ve been doing the same. I usually find it, though it’s becoming rather subtle and there are times I miss it completely. I’m grateful for certain friends who know how to highlight this to me in a manner I now accept.

What about you? Are you aware when you judge and criticise?

Are you aware that doing so speaks about you?

Do you know why you do this?

Can you see connections between mess and Self?

What are you cleaning up currently in your life?

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