Part 3

The brown tells the mind-pattern and the hyperspace energies to create the image exactly as is in the here and now, immediately. Try it with something as simple as a parking space or a letter. Then move on to something more complicated.

Spend the next couple of weeks to a month using and practicing brown before moving on to another color.

Something during the day disturbs you and you feel like you are going to get upset or angry, just take a few cleansing breaths in through the nostrils and slowly exhale through the mouth.  Then surround yourself with brown from head to toe, both inside and around the body. Feel the color brown as if you had actually become the brown itself.

Sometimes, if you have trouble visualizing colors, it helps to use a visual aid, until you can mentally perceive the color in your mind. For brown, you may want to hold a dried leaf in your hand or even touch some sand or soil. You could also wear a brown bathrobe or sweater, or wrap yourself in a brown towel or sheet.

They even sell sunglasses that that  have lenses with various shades of brown. The Chakra windsock is also available from Expansions and can be used as an excellent visual aid for the correct chakra colors.  Always use whatever is necessary for you to learn how to use your mind exclusively so that you no longer need to rely on external crutches. (cont’d)