Part 4

Brown is effective as a safety net during mental exercises. If you are in the midst of a visualization or meditation, and something arises which traumatizes or distresses you, and you no longer wish to remain in the exercise, simply go to brown and come out of the experience. Brown, from a hyperspace perspective, represents the current time period or the here and now. It brings you back mentally from wherever you have sojourned and protects you from whatever effect was working on you.

 Brown also has an interesting effect on the body. It helps to bring a person down from a high powered event. For example, if you are having an out-of-body experience, or if you remain in meditation for a long period of time, there is sometimes a feeling of dissociation from the body which can lead to a lack of interest in physical reality.

In order to reverse that sensation, it is important to use brown for a certain of time in order to ground the mind back into the body.  Otherwise the body may weaken significantly from being disconnected from

By swirling brown in and around the leg areas, you will be strengthening the energy of the body from the feet to the upper thighs. (cont’d)