Part 5

Visualization for Brown

  1. Start with several cleansing breaths in through the nostrils and out through the mouth. Do this until you feel completely relaxed.
  2. Balance your T-Bar Archetype (refer to technique described in ‘The Hyperspace Helper’ )
  3. Center your consciousness at the pineal gland, which is located behind the center of the forehead (sometimes called ‘The Third Eye’ )
  4. Visualize in front of you a brown equilateral triangle, with a brown circle. Inside the circle, see the most perfect image of whatever you wish to create in your physical reality (e.g. a new home, a great job, a new love, pizza, etc.) When the image is as perfect as you can imagine, surround the image, circle and triangle with brown. Surround yourself with brown. Release the image from your mind and come out of the visualization. Do not think about or repeat the image exercise again unless you wish to change some aspect of it. END.